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Mosaic Clubhouse and the new Lambeth Living Well Partnership


Mosaic Clubhouse provides opportunities for people in Lambeth with severe, and often enduring, mental health problems to regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead productive and satisfying lives. Two central tenets of Mosaic are the concept of membership of the Clubhouse Community, and that work and the return to paid employment is a key means of regaining confidence and self-esteem. Members are, therefore, the key stakeholders of our organisation and participate in all our work, decision-making and governance opportunities. Members work on a voluntary basis and can attend Mosaic as little or as often as they are able, or choose. It is the role of our staff to engage members and help them identify and achieve their personal recovery goals.

Mosaic Clubhouse is, therefore, an opportunity centre, open to people in Lambeth living with mental ill health to become members.

We offer our members:

· A work day in which the talents and abilities of members are recognised and encouraged

· Opportunities to obtain paid employment in mainstream businesses and industries

· Assistance in accessing community-based educational resources

· Assistance is accessing medical, psychological, substance abuse, wellness, and other community support resources

· Assistance in securing and sustaining safe, decent and affordable housing

· Participation in consensus-based decision making regarding all important matters relating to the running of the clubhouse

· Evening, weekend and public holiday social and recreational events

We believe the combination of meaningful activities, engaging relationships and fun experiences keeps people well and out of hospital, and that the more our members involve themselves in the running of the clubhouse, the better they feel. Our aim is that they feel excited to come to Mosaic each morning and fulfilled when they leave in the evening, knowing that they’ve done something useful for their community. There’s no other programme like Clubhouse for boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Additional services at Mosaic Clubhouse

Established in 1995, Mosaic Clubhouse moved to newly-refurbished premises in Brixton at the end of April 2013. The move means that an additional service is now also available. Funded by the London Borough of Lambeth, Mosaic now offers a mental health information service to anyone in the borough. You can telephone, email or drop-in to 65 Effra Road between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Members and staff work together to provide this service so people will be able to talk to others who know the pain that living with a mental health condition can bring, and can offer hope by demonstrating that life can and does improve.

We can fast track you to a number of key agencies in the borough that can assist you with housing, benefits advice and advocacy, physical wellbeing, peer support, etc. If necessary, we can also work with people for up to twelve weeks to get their lives back on track.

We offer a number of courses during term time that are open to all Lambeth residents, such as:

· Creative writing

· Financial skills

· Adult literacy

· British Sign Language

· Customer service

· Peer support

· Readers’ Group

For more information:

CALL: 020 7924 9657


Click here for link to Mosaic part-time support worker job