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New book helps prepare university students for life-changing decisions

PUBLISHED: What School Doesn’t Teach Us

AUTHOR SEGUN Olusola noticed that, for many university students, making a life-changing decision is such a daunting task, filled with uncertainty, that most don’t know how to put together a realistic action plan. The author contends that this lack of knowledge is not often addressed through college courses.

In What School Doesn’t Teach Us (published by AuthorHouse UK), Olusola identifies the missing gap in the formal education system needed by scholars to succeed in life, and goes over life skills that can help college students learn how to effectively get the best out of life, filled with purpose and fulfilment.

“This book was written in order to help students to be able to understand that there are things that will not be taught at University that are needed in order to choose the right career,” explains Olusola. “It also focuses on how to get the best out of University and get the job they have always wanted without being confused.”

Olusola adds, “You can be whoever you want to be in life if you are focused, strategic, willing to learn and adapt to changes.”

Segun Olusola is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for writing. At the age of 18, his family moved to the United Kingdom; surrounded by wealthy uncles, he quickly discovered the use of money as a tool and went ahead to get a Bachelor of Science in investment and finance.

Olusola furthered his education and earned a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Liverpool. He has been involved in several ventures as a stockbroker and a property developer, and as a result, he now runs several successful businesses. Olusola lives in Birmingham with Oluwabunmi, the love of his life.

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