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NYU School Of Medicine grants free tuition to its students


NEW YORK University’s School of Medicine announced on Thursday (Aug 16) that it is granting all of its students free tuition, regardless of merit or need, The New York Times reports.

The current 442 students attending will reportedly have the rest of their tuition paid in full through the medical program, and incoming students will receive their free tuition.

Citing the risk of "overwhelming" debt, it says every student will qualify regardless of merit or financial need.

NYU said financial worries were driving graduates to more lucrative specialities, pushing doctors away from more general positions.

“The scholarships will also be established, from here on out, to every future medical student at the school,” NYU stated in a press release.

Students must still however cover the cost of living expenses and accommodation.

The annual tuition was reportedly $55,018 and student debt by the time of graduation tallied at an average $191,000, according to a 2017 survey from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Speaking to CNN, Rafael Rivera, NYU’s associate dean for admissions and financial aid said: “The debt can scare people away. One of those individuals could be the one to find a cure for cancer. For us, it’s important to have the best applicant pool possible, and society deserves nothing less.”

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