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Skinners' Academy to host annual Careers Awareness Fair

IN AN era where university access is deemed more challenging financially than ever before and words or acronyms such as “NEETS” (not in education, employment or training), “recession” and “unemployment” dominate the news agenda – a Hackney-based Academy has invited North and East London schools to join forces in tackling uncertainty and negative student perceptions head on, acting together to raise aspirations.

This month’s Office of National Statistics figures indicate that UK unemployment rose to a 17-year high, with the jobless total for 16 to 24-year-olds hitting a record high of 991,000 in the quarter - a rate of more than one in five. The Employment Secretary, Chris Grayling, said that what the UK was now seeing was "the impact of the international financial crisis", and that is just this month’s news.

Careers Awareness Fair

Since their early-mid teens, students aged-15-19 have been consistently fed a stream of messages about how tough the economic situation is, a fact which has the potential to discourage dreams and clear goal setting if active steps are not taken to counter the flow of what can be deemed negative information. This is why Skinners’ Academy in Hackney, a business and enterprise specialist academy is taking action to raise aspiration and access to career information, by organising a Careers Awareness Fair, targeted at students from secondary schools.


Featuring individual speakers, such as ITV1s on-air Daybreak personality Gavin Ramjaun and author of 3 Steps to Success Raphael Mokades, 25+ businesses, including representatives from Virgin, the NHS, Accenture, the BBC, Ogilvy & Mather, Sungard, as well as local businesses including Hackney Empire, Graeae Theatre Company, Ministry of Stories and Fashion Awareness Direct and 14 universities including Oxford, Cambridge, SOAS, Coventry, UCL, Westminster and more.

Students attending will have unique access to key professionals in a range of industries.

Jenny Wilkins, Principal at Skinners’ Academy said:
“As a community, it is important for us to ensure we are working together to increase the confidence of today’s students when it comes to their future career prospects. Through this Careers Awareness Fair, we are providing an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and exposure about a wide range of industries through one on one contact and a series of panel discussions, and will also have the unique chance to hear the personal stories of professionals in their field, ensuring students are reminded that whatever the economic climate, they can succeed in their own journey, through hard work and determination.”

The Careers Awareness fair at Skinners’ Academy is an opportunity for students to have an experience, which will be a positive source of motivation, information and choice for the UK’s young people. Please contact Gina Visram on and 02088007411 to register your interest.
You will need to have your school ID on you to be admitted.

Skinners’ Academy Careers Awareness Fair

Some companies and organisations represented at the fair:
BBC London / BBC School News Report
British Army
The Brokerage
Connexions (Hackney)
Degrees Ahead
Fashion Awareness Direct
Graeae Theatre Company
Hackney Empire
Ideas Foundation
Kids’ Company
The Learning Trust
LOCOG: London 2012
Ministry of Stories

Eyes Wide Open: The inaugural Skinners’ Academy Careers Awareness Fair on Thursday 3rd November is targeted at Year 10, 11 and 6th form students, primarily targeted at those based in North & East London.