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Accountancy and financial services

Money, Money, Money
In the current climate where the one constant across the board seems to be that people are in monetary trouble, a surefire career would appear to be one in accounting.

While the banking sector is still recruiting fresh blood, as a qualified and accredited accountant you will be able to work for almost any firm there is. From the small business to the large multi-nationals, all need someone to do the book keeping, make sure the taxes are in order and generally regulate the flow of money coming in and going out.

As an accountant, you could be looking after invoicing and money flow, could be in charge of checking the books, could be in charge of payroll.

Alternatively, accountants can also end up as auditors, therefore working for companies that handle the auditing of public institutions such as Deloitte.

If a stable career appeals to you, then accounting would be worth considering.