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Advertising and PR

Have you got the gift of gab?
If you’re personable, creative and like the challenge of telesales for something other than better home insurance, then maybe a career in advertising or public relations is for you.

Advertising is one of those markets that is only set to grow as the number of television channels increases along with the amount of money spent on internet advertising campaigns and, at the end of the day, someone has to come up with the idea of a giant gorilla accompanying Phil Collins on the drums. You might not have a clue what it’s got to do with Cadbury’s or chocolate, but you do remember the Cadbury’s gorilla. So, job done.

As you can see, a career in advertising demands a creative mind and, depending on the client, the ability to think outside of the box.

Similarly, any PR person worth their salt will have to envision a unique hook so that their client gets that publicity they crave and be able to sound as enthusiastic about the product at the beginning of the day as by the end of the day. Interpersonal skills are more important than in almost any other career, as you will be calling people and convincing them to speak to you for five minutes, while being nice but forceful enough that they remember your product.