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Banking & Investments

Investment banking groups nowadays provides world-wide some or all of the following services, either in divisions of the bank or in associated companies within the group

Corporate Finance and advisory work, normally in connection with new issues of securities for raising finance, take-overs, mergers and acquisitions; Banking, for governments, institutions and companies; Treasury dealing for corporate clients in currencies, with financial engineering services to protect them from interest and exchange rate fluctuations;

Investment management, either for corporate pension funds, charities, private clients, either via direct investment for the more wealthy or via unit and investment trusts. In the larger firms, the value of funds under management runs into many billions of pounds;

Securities trading, in equities, bonds or derivatives and offering broking and distribution facilities.

Success in the investment banking business depends on the ability to provide whatever financial services a client may require, and so the people employed need particular qualities of flexibility, innovativeness and client handling skills