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The maritime Industries

The UK maritime sector directly employs over 410,000 people (and at least that many indirectly). It is a £56 billion turnover sector, bigger than automotive and more than double the size of aerospace and agriculture combined – it is the largest maritime sector in Europe.

Our seas, oceans and inland waterways are of huge importance in terms of resources, the environment and conservation, trade and industry, marine sciences and leisure activity.

Qualified marine engineers create propulsion and control systems for ships, oil platforms, underwater and offshore vehicles. The latest computer methods for monitoring and control are used to ensure efficiency and to minimise environmental impacts.

Other professions include naval architects who design and produce ships and other marine vehicles. Offshore engineers design and produce fixed and floating offshore oil production installations. The marine environment is a delicate balance and marine scientists specialise in the study of the creatures and plant life in the sea. Marine biology is a subject that has interactions with many other scientific disciplines.