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Certified life coach

I AM a fully Certified Spiritual/Intuitive Life Coach with many years of successful work experience. *As your Life Coach* - I will inspire and empower you to live your life on purpose and with purpose. I will enlighten and guide you on how to create what you want out of life; to find a balance and to live an authentic life. I will help you to: - Attain more satisfying relationships - Be able to process fear positively - Be able to eliminate worry - Become a stress-manager - Attain high self-esteem - Have a greater sense of fulfillment - Become successful at work - Gain confidence in yourself - Attain improved spiritual, physical and mental health. With my multiple gifts which included psychic ability, and energy healing, I will not only help you diagnose the problem, I will assist you in healing them. Please email me - Visit my website:
Posted: 14/02/2012

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