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S Mentoring

For young women to find your path in life motivation and inner beauty
Posted: 21/03/2013

Contact Details

07903 420 312

S MENTORING is a service aimed at young women aged 16 – 25 to offer them empowerment to live a fulfilling life. As young women we have it hard, trying to find the right path in life, gaining financial freedom, and sometimes juggling all of this with children too.

S Mentoring has advice, and steps for life situations; advice that really works!

Some areas covered are ways to increase earning potential, establishing your goals, and behaviour patterns. Sessions are convenient for you through face to face meetings, or over the phone or via skype, and are offered at a reasonable rate for an invaluable service London based. There is a discount if you book 4 session in advance.

Visit S Mentoring or call 07903 420 312 and take the first step to freedom.