‘Nostalgic Geek’ Explores Retro Pop Culture With New Book

David is taking a trip down memory lane

LOOKING BACK: David Henningham with his new book Section N Underpass

IF YOU grew up in the ’70s and ’80s and still hark back to a past when you wore leg warmers, listened to Sony Walkmans or rollerskated around the block, then a trip down memory lane is the perfect gift to self.

Manchester-based writer David Henningham has encapsulated his love of all things retro into his second book, Section N Underpass, an exploration of an era gone by that many, including David, seem reluctant to forget.

“It’s very different and unique: there’s no other book like it,” he said.

“It captures nostalgia from the ’70s and ’80s – a mix of fact, fiction and fun. “It’s great book to read, remember and reminisce about advertising, leisure and lifestyle from yesteryear.


“The book contains photos of lots of original advertising and some really cool retro sketches,” added David.

After a successful launch at a library in Trafford recently, he now has ambitious plans to release a book every year.

David, who grew up in Harlesden, London, but now resides in south Manchester, is a self-confessed ‘nostalgic geek’ and has always loved watching television adverts from the ’70s and ’80s.

RETRO: An old-fashioned typewriter

But he says his interest in ’80s music was the “springboard” for a deeper passion for all things retro.

After initially embracing old-school scents such as Brut, Old Spice and Hai Karate, he then progressed to hoarding old magazines and books – some Ladybird books and annuals from the ’80s.

“Some people say I smell like their grandad … I take this as a compliment! The collectables are not huge but I recently managed to find a typewriter and cassette player from the ’70s.


“Moving forward, I plan to keep growing the retro collection.”

David’s ‘day job’ is in the food development sector, but in his spare time he manages his website, retrohen, and writes weekly blogs.

And this isn’t his first foray into writing. His initial book, The Great British Blog Book for Nostalgic Geeks, is “a collection of raw, typewritten blogs”.

According to David, Section N Underpass would be apt for anyone who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s: “If you remember when Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks wrestled, the Milk Tray Man, the days when Ready Brek was central heating for kids or Grange Hill was the best thing on television, then this book is for you. Every page will make you smile, giggle or laugh out loud.”

Section N Underpass is published by Matador and is available to purchase from Waterstone’s, Blackwells, troubador.co.uk and Amazon for £17.99

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