One author writes it his way

Self published and ready for everyone to read his work one young black author speaks on what made him write

Javier Nicholas put pen to paper for his debut book

IF YOU’VE got time on your hands right now then you might want to pick up a book or two to exercise the grey matter.

There are plenty of self-help books available but what makes an author write one?

Javier Nicholas’s first foray into the the world of literary offerings saw him produce Write it Your Way, a free e-book available to download via Amazon and Itunes.

Giving the Voice Online readers an insight into what motivated him, Nicholas unpacks timeless universal principles that can help you step out from your comfort zone, discover your number one strength and use your faith to trump fear.

“This is not your average self-help or personal development book,” Nicholas enthused.

He continues: “I wrote this book to demonstrate that wherever you are in life, you can still see more, be more and ultimately do more. You do not have to settle for less than greatness!

“Write It Your Way is a book written for such a time as this. Millennials are looking for greater significance in life, outside the norms of a traditional career path. Generation Z are have more opportunities than ever before in history. With access to technology, travel and globalisation the world is more interconnected.

“At the same time, mental health issues are rising, with many people dissatisfied, depressed and discouraged. I believe this book will help people discover their own uniqueness, filter out the noise and live a more purposeful life.

“Within the chapters of the book, you will find a simple framework based on timeless principles, such as identifying when you are in a comfort zone, finding your strengths, using faith and overcoming fear. I also share personal life stories of how transformation took place in my own life, particularly in the area of health & wellness, leadership and goal achievement.

“Some of these stories may make you laugh, cry and cheer. This book wasn’t written with the purpose of telling you how to live your life. Rather, I share my experiences and leave it open for you, the reader, to take what you will from it.

“The heart of the message within this book is that we all start life with blank pages. It’s up to you to fill those pages with your best life. I decided that becoming a successful author is a dream worth pursuing. Whilst I am still at the early stages of my journey, what matters is that I’m on this journey and will grow through it.

“Perhaps, there are some dreams you may have let go due to the pressures of adulting and everyday life. You can dream again and begin to write your greatest chapter.”

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