Meet the black game creator putting a spin on dominoes

Dominotion is a fun and exciting spin on the dominoes board game

CREATOR: Peter Mason

PETER MASON is the man behind Dominotion – a fun and exciting dominoes based board game.

The two-to-six player game is  a great way to bring family, friends and children together as it takes the normal version of the old school dominoes game and brings it to another level.

“The aim of the game, at whichever level you play at, is to be able to lay down all of your dominoes before the other players. Having completed one level, players can choose to play again at the same level or any level of their choice,” says Mason. 

“Each level lasts roughly between five and seven minutes. There are lovely coloured squares that have special effects on them. The level that you choose to play at will determine the squares that have active special effects within that level.”

Mason says Dominotion can also be used as an effective educational tool. “It helps children from as young as three with their numeracy as they have to identify and match the correct amount of dots together. 

“Dominotion also helps children with colour recognition as they have to correctly match together some basic colours. There’s never a dull moment in this game that’s filled with fun and adventure.”

Mason was born in London and moved to Luton at the age of 17. At 19-years-old, he was knocked down by a car and was in a coma for 17 days. “My parents were told it was a 50/50 chance that I would live,” he reveals.

“But after 17 days, I came out of the coma. I was told I was never going to walk again by doctors, but I did not accept that. Within about a month, an operation was done on my legs and I was walking just fine. Also when I came out of the coma, I could not even remember who my dad was for the first few days as I had injured my brain quite seriously. But my memory came back a few days after I came out of the coma.”

After that, Mason went back to college and got into the finance industry, where he began to develop the concept for Dominoton. “I had an idea for a game and started drawing it all on paper. I then tested it with friends and family, in a school and also in a barber shop. People really liked the game. 

“I took on board the feedback and then got the game made. I was so busy working in finance that I didn’t have enough time to work on the game. So I left the job earlier this year to work on the game.”

Mason has been selling the game at the local market, gaming events  and at schools and nurseries. 

“I am about to start selling on Amazon and I believe the game has massive potential so I will keep on pushing and keep on believing until I see it,” he says.

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  1. | JohnM

    Quite an achievement, nothwithstanding the many hurdles and setbacks along the way. Onwards and upwards.


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