Jamelia launches online talk show

The first episode of Jamelia's Table is now live


SINGER AND TV PERSONALITY Jamelia has launched her own online talk show.

Jamelia’s Table launched on YouTube with its first episode on Sunday (September 22).

Opening up about her decision to create the show in a statement on her website, Jamelia said: “Four years ago I had an idea…A true labour of love, born out of my love of black women, my passion for honest representation and ambition to provide us with what we need. After years of begging for a seat, I decided to build my own table.”

“I’m no longer accepting seats at tables where I have to squeeze in to inadequate space, seats where I have to repeatedly prove why I deserve to be there,” the mother-of-four said introducing the show on her YouTube channel.

For the first episode of Jamelia’s Table, the 38-year-old sat down to discuss the necessity of spaces created specifically for black women. She was joined by Black Ballad co-founder Tobi Oredein, writer Siana Bangura and Amahra Spence, artist and creator of MAIA Group, an artist-led cultural organisation.

Jamelia, who spent three years on ITV’s daytime chat show Loose Women, which she has described as “tumultuous”, spoke in the inaugural episode of Jamelia’s Table about the downsides of being the only black regular panellist on the show at the time.

She and her guests also shared their personal experiences of the importance of spaces and platforms designed to support and foster community among black women and girls.

Writing in Black Ballad’s newsletter on Sunday, Jamelia revealed how the ongoing support she received from black women amid negative publicity in the media and comments from members of the public on social media spurred her on to launch Jamelia’s Table.

She encouraged black women to continue to “provide, share and join these spaces” and said there was “no shame in choosing to be part of the spaces created with you in mind”.

Episodes of Jamelia’s online talk show will explore everything from motherhood and hair to black history and mental health.

Watch the first episode here.

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  1. | Jeannette Francis

    Congratulation to Jamelia, We need more black women like her to come up with a fantastic idea, instead of pulling up chairs to tables that would never really appreciate us. It pains me to see how in 2019 we are still depending on an establishment that does everything to exclude us.


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