‘A life is fulfilled by surrendering to God’

Leading Christian musician Noel Robinson releases a new album on the theme of surrendering his will, his purpose and his desires – all to better serve the Lord

PIVOTAL ROLE: Christian musician Noel Robinson, left, has worked with leading figures such as gospel stars Ron Kenoly

NOEL ROBINSON, a leading figure in the UK Christian music scene, has been busy spreading the word about his new album, a collection of 11 songs that reflect his life, journey and faith.

I Surrender is his second album for Integrity Music, the largest worship label in the world, and his sixth album in total.

It sees him fusing the gospel sounds of his musical roots with worship styles and singing songs that give insight into the struggles believers experience living a life surrendered to God.


Noel explained: “I wanted to sing about surrendering my will, purpose and desires.

“It’s a hard place to be and a hard thing to do because it’s natural for us to want to be in control, but a church that’s surrendered to God fulfils its purpose.

“A life is fulfilled by surrendering to God.”

Noel can look back on a life that has served the church across the world, as well as playing a pivotal role in Christian music.

When asked what role he believes he’s played over the years, Noel replied: “That’s a difficult question to answer.

“I can only go by what people have said to me a n d artists I’ve met during the past 20- odd years who’ve been impacted by something I’ve said, what I do and how I’ve done it.

“I get the opportunity to embrace the fathering aspect of me, where a lot of young artists have come to me to ask me how I’ve achieved what I’ve done. I’ve been able to speak into the lives of artists my age, as well as younger artists.”

Noel has been playing music for a long time.

His father was a musician and he grew up in the church. By age 13, he played double bass for his school and won a couple of competitions.

He was also active in his church, the Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP) in Harlesden, where he played guitar in the church band and the choir.

By his 20s, Noel was a renowned lead guitarist and was appointed as COGOP’s National Director of Music and Communication.

Noel was one of the first UK gospel artists to…

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