Tips for newbie tourists: Meeting locals

Immerse yourself in the culture of your chosen city with these 3 simple tips


WHO DOESN’T love to travel? Whether it’s a solo expedtition to find yourself and experience new countries or you’re fresh from a broken heart and in need of new surroundings – travelling to foreign territories can provide an exhilrating experience that you will never forget.

Whether you’re off to Syndney or Peru, Berlin or Paris – you’re sure to pick a destination of your dreams which will guarantee a good time.

Take Amsterdam for example. The Amsterdam nightlife is reknowned around the world and it’s hard not to see how much fun you could have in this popular city.. For those who aren’t into the outlandish entertainment that Amsterdam provides, the city also has its own chain of sports shops giving you the option to take a more active approach to your Amsterdam getaway. Of course, for those looking to embrace the simpler side of the city, you can always check out the beautiful flower markets and wander alongside its picture-perfect canals.

Needless to say, travelling allows you to step outside your comfort zone, getting your heart so pumped up with all the possible activities, sights and beauty that it has to offer. With that, there’ll be so many opportunities for you to meet new locals who will be more than willing to become your personal tour guide. But first things first: How DO you meet locals when you’re on vacation?

Suggestion #1: Join a local (or even an international!) organisation

Cities usually have tons of local groups and organisations and they never seem to run out of interests. Do you have a passion for photgraphy and want to craft your skills whilst travelling? Worry no more, as you’ll be sure to find an organisation which shares your love of photography where it is respected and even cultivated. Whether it’s hiking, singing, dancing or siteseeing, your sure to come across some locals as you immerse yourself in their bustling culture.

Suggestion #2: Party with a local

Here’s the thing: If you don’t socialise much in your hometown and don’t often put yourself out there, maybe it’s time for you to loosen up a little and meet some new people – and what better way to do that then at a party! Many locals are well known for their free-spiritedness, and it will be really good to engage with them, let your hair down and let yourself go. If there’s one place to do that, it’s definitely on holiday right?

Suggestion #3: Enjoy the new city life

Going on vacation means taking part in all the life that goes into that city. How do you do this? Well, as a prime example, don’t succumb to the temptation of staying in your hotel s room each morning. As you wake up, learn how to take in the morning culture of your new city. Talk to the locals, converse with others, learn the language (if necessary).

Of course, whatever your reasons might be for visiting any new place, it is of vital importance that you also learn to reach out to the locals. More often than not, they hold the best answers to any tourist-y questions you might have.

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