The best winter holiday destinations for Britons

WINTER IS coming! While some like it cold, others prefer hot. Some of us dream of breaking away from the gloom and bitter cold of the UK winter to white sandy beaches while others are simply in search of a festive family break. 

However, holidays can be an expensive affair, but if you take a chance with Lottoland, you can win big and start planning for your winter holiday destination today. 

Whether you’re after a little bit of vitamin D, or you prefer a winter wonderland, you’re bound to find the perfect destination spot to spend your lottery winnings on our list of 6 best winter holiday destination for Britons.

1.Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a dissonance of sights and sounds and a perfect place to spend your winter holiday if you won the lottery. It’s a frenzied jigsaw puzzle bursting with towering skyscrapers, motorcycle taxis, crowded roads, and non-stop action. It’s a perfect spot for an urban traveller who loves exploring a cultural town. 

At dawn, you’ll see Buddhist monks clad in brightly coloured robes filling the streets, experience an amalgamation of the Old and New Town by lunchtime, and haggle for better deals at the markets for souvenirs before the day ends! 

From religion, history, and culture, this quaint city is the ideal winter holiday destination for avid explorers.

2. Venice, Italy

Tourists usually overrun Venice in the summer. However, winter isn’t the peak season for tourists – and this is why it’s the best time for you to visit. Unlike summer, things tend to calm down in the winter, and the prices drop too, a factor you might not worry about if you won the Lottoland lottery. 

The town is quiet, serene, and dare I say romantic, even. The mist-shrouded canals and streets lend an air of mystery, making winter the best time to experience this romantic city. 

Although Venice is spellbinding any time of the year, there’s something magical about having the city all to yourself and exploring its sleepy streets.

3. Austria

Austria is another beautiful country to spend your Lottoland winnings. If you are a fan of the cold weather, then the slopes in Austria and the rugged Alpine terrain will make for the perfect winter destination. Austria is known for its ample ski resorts for all skill levels. However, there’s so much more to experience. 

If you are looking for more than just scenic glacier walks and snowy mountains, then Kitzbuhel is the place to go. Kitzbuhel is a small conventional alpine town bursting with medieval streets and traditional chalets waiting to be toured. 

Soak up the stunning snowy surroundings as you enjoy a cup of hot cider in one of the little cafes scattered all over the town. 

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the oldest and most affordable cities to travel to in Europe. It also has one of the summery climates in winter. In addition to the welcoming weather, there are no crowds during winter, meaning you won’t waste your valuable time waiting in lines. 

You’ll have cheaper and easy access to just about everything, including parking, tourist attractions, etc. In the winter, everything is reduced, including hotel prices, admission fees, airfare, and tours. 

You’ll be able to enjoy a 5-star holiday deal on a 3-star price while exploring one of Europe’s ancient cities. 

5. Barbados

Barbados is the epitome of luxury and a must-visit if you win big with Lottoland! If you want to beat those winter blues, then the Caribbean island of Barbados is must-visit. This magical island has some breathtaking beaches and tranquil botanical gardens. 

Here, you’ll be able to explore stunning limestone incrustations in Harrison’s Cave and experiment with some delicious local cuisine and fresh seafood dishes along Carlisle Bay. 

Although the flight might be a bit long, at around 9 hours, the sunny weather, the best-in-class service, and gorgeous beaches will surely make up for it.

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is an urban city full of skyscrapers and shopping malls. It might not sound as exciting, but the city has the tallest building in the world (the Burj Khalifa), and its shopping malls come complete with indoor ski slopes and mammoth aquariums, to name a few. 

If you want to experience Dubai in all its glory, then take a chance with Lottoland and enjoy spending your winnings in this concrete jungle. As hot and dry as this place can get, it makes up for it with lots of amazing attractions. The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo is the largest suspended aquarium in the world and a must-visit, moreso if your little ones have tagged along. This million-litre aquarium is home to over 130 unique species and thousands of aquatic animals. 

After a stroll through the aquarium, you can hit the slopes at Ski Dubai, discover the largest artificial indoor rainforest at The Green Planet or view the city atop the Burj Khalifa. After a long day, cool down at Aquaventure waterpark where you can get up close with sharks and rays, take the plunge at Aquaconda (the longest waterslide in the world), or explore the River Rides. 

Before you leave, dive into some culture and explore the contemporary architecture and revolutionary art scenes in the city’s top galleries and museums.

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