Common causes of hair loss in men

HEREDITY, AS well as medical conditions and some medications and supplements, are all common causes of hair loss in men. When determining the key cause of baldness, it is important to understand one’s personal genetics and account for any other risk factors and practices that may damage the hair.

Common causes of hair loss

We lose approximately 100 hairs a day, a loss that does not cause noticeable bald spots. However, when this loss is aggravated, a baldness pattern will appear or the hair will start falling noticeably more than usual. Some of the common causes include the following:

  1. Heredity: genetics plays an important role in male (and female) baldness patterns; these are the receding hairline and bald spots for men. Men who are faced with hereditary baldness can schedule a hair transplant procedure:  an effective and minimally invasive intervention.
  2. Medical conditions: certain medical conditions can cause hair loss; these include seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. 
  3. Medication: some types of medicine or supplements can cause hair loss; common examples include those used in chemotherapy but also some active substances for gout, high blood pressure, and others.
  4. Stress: intense physical or emotional stress can lead to hair loss or the thinning of the hair.
  5. Diet: you are what you eat and a poor diet can cause multiple problems, including hair loss.
  6. Age: as we age, hair growth slows down and the hair naturally loses its volume, for both men and women.

While genetic baldness is not preventable, you can reduce or mitigate other risk factors by talking to your physician when you start a new medical treatment that lists hair loss among its side effects.

Hair loss prevention

Some of the above mentioned causes may have easy fixes, such as implementing a healthy and balanced diet that will include lots of proteins, iron, and zinc. Removing the causes of stress and paying attention to how you style your hair is also important. You may want to stop using damaging hair products or keeping your hair in a too-tight bun, for those who prefer the man bun.

Identifying the cause of hair loss is the first step towards treating the problem. Once you have determined it, you can talk to a physician. He may recommend hair prescription tablets or a hair transplant as a suitable solution for the genetic causes of hair loss.

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