This black-owned swimming cap brand is the product you need

JoRae provide swimming caps for big hair


SWIMMING IS an invaluable skill, enhancing both health and wellbeing and self-confidence and self-esteem. However, hair can be a barrier from some, stopping them from accessing this fantastic sport.

It is not uncommon to find that conventional ‘store bought’ hats do not actually fit children and young adults with either long and/or thick curly hair. This excluded population are more likely to come from ethnic backgrounds and are often underrepresented in the swimming pool.

In March 2019, the government statistics on obesity showed that:

  • In the 4 to 5 age group, almost a third (30.8%) of black African children were overweight in 2017/18, the highest proportion of any ethnic group
  • In the 10 to 11 age group, 46% of black African children were overweight, the highest proportion of any ethnic group

We acknowledge that one of the biggest barriers to accessing a sport such as swimming is hair due to the fear of water damage, so JoRae have designed a swimming cap specifically to keep out as much water as possible and thus protecting thick hair including locs, extensions and hair with high volume of curls.

JoRae provide five sizes aiming to accommodate adults through to children. They want to empower children and their families, so they have access to all areas (including water activities) with nothing to hold them back, placing a particular value on their health and well-being.

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  2. | Tasha

    Such a wonderful product! Glad to see it featured on this website.


  3. | Jay

    Finally, a product that can manage our beautiful and bountiful black hair! No excuses now for me to not get my daughter into the swimming pool…me included!


  4. | Janet Morgan

    Long over due!!


  5. | Sharmain foster

    Would like to know if it can handle a hairstyle such as single braids


  6. | Teddi Colemon



  7. | Marinda

    Niiiice!!! I need a pink one!


  8. | Gwyina

    Awesome!! Need this.


  9. | Artysharon

    Exactly the reason l stopped this perfect mode of exercise. I shall definitely purchase mine soon which outlets JD sports will need to stock them soon or l won’t be shopping there again!


  10. | Robert j Blackwell

    Just received mine yesterday and I’m very impressed. Looking forward to using at aqua therapy.


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