How male fashion brands stand the test of time

CERTAIN MALE fashion brands have been known to stand the test of time. Although styles and preferences will undoubtedly evolve with every generation, certain designers tend to rise to the occasion and provide some truly unique ensembles. This is very important, for younger men have become quite discriminating in regards to what they choose to wear while out and about. What are some of the most preferred styles for young men in these modern times? What do males tend to prefer when choosing an ensemble? What are some of the main reasons behind these choices? Let’s take a look at male fashion from an objective point of view in order to appreciate the big picture.

All about an innate sense of flexibility

Some brands tend to be associated with specific requirements. For instance, a manufacturer may cater only to casual wear while another primarily focuses upon clothing used within the professional environment. It can be argued that the success associated with many of the top designers has much to do with their sense of versatility.

Young men have always tended to be slightly fickle shoppers. In other words, the majority will not spend hours examining different ensembles in order to find the perfect addition. This stems from what can only be called a sense of pragmatism. In other words, men are often keen to uncover clothing items that are just as ideal for a night out on the town as for a day at the office.

This mentality can often be seen in Generation Y and even younger men (such as those in their 20s) who value comfort just as much as aesthetic appeal. This is also why tight-fitting clothing has become rather popular in recent times. Not only will this style help to accentuate the male form, but its rather subdued style can often be employed within the workplace without inadvertently turning heads. As seen here, there are a number of unique options which can be utilised in order to achieve stunning results.

The past becomes the present (and perhaps the future)

It is often said that fashion is somewhat cyclical in nature. For example, some of remember the bell bottom craze that was prevalent during the early 2000s. This was a direct throwback to the late 1960s and early 1970s. In the same respect, so-called “skinny jeans” have made a return; reminding us of the carefree days of the 1980s. So, what male fashion trends seem to represent a blast from the past and are there any styles which have enjoyed top marks in recent years?

Skinny jeans are a perfect example of a trend that has now come “full circle”. While this clothing choice would have been rather out of place during the early 2000s, younger men are now donning such trousers with pride. In fact, the Millennial generation and even men in their 50s are likewise adopting these cutting-edge statements.

Another interesting phenomenon that seems to have gained prevalence is men who have begun to embrace the styles associated with the 1950s and 1960s. Some notable examples of this observation include:

  • Vintage wristwatches.
  • Pocket watches
  • Plaid trousers
  • Neck scarves

Although some of these options might seem better suited for a vintage movie, the fact of the matter is that they have made their way onto the runway as well as into the average retail store. This might be due to the fact that these garments are associated with an air of sophistication while simultaneously embodying a decidedly male flavour.

It could also be said that recent trends have been associated with what can only be called a sense of functionality. In this sense, we are referring to garments that would be equally suited for a nature hike or a camping holiday with a group of friends. Vests are now taking centre stage in favour of full-length jackets. So-called “commando” soles are being incorporated into footwear. Trousers contain multiple pockets and the presence of more subdued tones such as grey alongside tan are likewise making their mark within the younger male fashion community.

Of course, the phrase “most popular male fashion trend” is rather subjective. This will depend upon the tastes of the individual as well as his budget. It is nonetheless a fact that younger men will seek to constantly push the boundaries of fashion in order to define themselves and to make their presence known within the modern world. What might the future have in store? Could we witness an era when bell bottoms return or when so-called “jams” once again enjoy their day in the sun? Only time will tell. It is still important to keep abreast of the latest desires so that you can make an informed (and attractive) decision. 

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