The Dynamic Practice Of Afrikan Yoga

Yoga teacher Pablo Imani is encouraging men to understand how the stretching and relaxation techniques can help them

YOGA: Many people are now adopting the benefits of yoga as a way to stimulate the body, improve flexibility and body alignment

AS YOGA and pilates are increasing in popularity, especially among women,
it is important to stress that men too need to experience and
benefit from stretching and strengthening their core.

Many people are now adopting the benefits of yoga as a way to stimulate
the body, improve flexibility and body alignment.

Pablo Imani, author, yoga teacher and founder of Afrikan Yoga, has spoken to Bidii about the real benefits of daily practice to cleanse the body and balance the mind.

Afrikan Yoga is a dynamic practice with the focus on our natural rhythm; combining powerful postures with freedom to use our personal flow.

Pablo encourages men of the community to understand how yoga can help heal injuries, aid stress relief and improve breathing. Plus, for those who train, stretching can improve muscle recovery.

Watch the exclusive Bidii interview with Pablo here as he gives detailed practical advice and watch his demonstrations on stretching to target the key areas men suffer from injury and how to heal them.

Bidii is dedicated to educating the African Caribbean community on matters of health and wellbeing to stimulate our collective prosperity.

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  1. | Obi C Agor

    Thank you Pablo for this very encouraging visual guidance specifically for our those of us men that are less inclined to appreciate the importance of starting the day right.

    As the winter season approaches. our body complex begins to slow down and any ‘weaknesses’ may succumb to infections and aches and pains that are waiting in the wings.

    By ‘checking in’ and directing consciousness and LOVE to every joint, muscle and sinew that will support us thru our day, such a morning routine will look time consuming (!) but it will bring extraordinary results. It is great to let yoga and other systems (eg, Qigong) become a routine to look forward to daily, and the body will reward us with a longer, healthier life and a refreshed mental attitude.


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