Ten Ways To Save Hundreds On Shopping

Some shopping tips for the best looks for half the price

SHOPPING: Consumers can bag huge savings with the right advice

AN URGE to save on everything is absolutely a common notion. In this contemporary era of cut-throat price tags, it gives an ultimate relief to fetch huge savings.

When it comes to purchasing stylish apparels from top-notch brands, even the very thought of getting a discount can lead you to jump in the air!

To get that coveted discount that you so desire, all you need to do is be a little smarter whilst shopping. Whether it is a fancy T-shirt that you intend to buy or a simple daily wear piece, keeping your eyes open will prove to be the smartest shopping decision you’ll ever make.

Here, we list some of the most effective approaches that will save a lot of your bucks while buying clothes.

1. Window shopping is a big no, no!

Well, you might be shocked to see something like this right? Over time, you might have heard people saying to you that when you don’t have money, window shopping with your friends can be a provide a little relief.

Trust me, it is nothing but a foolish lure that you are letting yourself in for. It’s because you would have told yourself thousand of times not to spend money impulsively. But, unless you have an unbelievable level of self-control, you will end up using your credit card to buy something which seems to be tempting to you.

So, never take such a chance!

2. Explore the popular deal sites

If you really want to save some of money, it’s better to keep a track on the exciting voucher sites. For example, have you heard about Dealslands.co.uk?

Well, it can save you money on your purchase from even the top-brands in the UK. You can check out the latest discount options from all your favourite high-street stores too whilst browsing on the same website.

Also, Dealslands make sure that the expiry date of each and every deal is mentioned clearly. So, the chance of you missing out any voucher is pretty much impossible!

3. Buy classic pieces that you can always wear

Don’t be too choosy about the seasons and occasions! Rather, when you buy clothes, make sure that you are sticking to such items which you can wear all year-round. If you’re being very particular, you might end up buying a lot more than you need.

4. Hunt, hunt, and hunt!

If you act impulsively while shopping and try to jump into a dress which you find pretty at the first look, you are setting yourself up for failure! Instead, you should make it a habit to search for the right time and perfect options. If you wait a little bit longer, you could end up finding some great deals which allow you to buy the same dress while spending far less.

5. Come up with a clothing swap party

No doubt that we all have some pieces of clothing which we don’t wear much anymore. So maybe you should arrange a party where you can ask your friends to bring their less-worn items and you do the same.

6. Follow the cost-per-wear rule

Before you buy that outfit, make sure that you are making it a point to understand if it’s really worth buying. How would you do that? Just divide the total price by the probable number of times that you are planning to wear the dress. If you figure out that you are going to wear it for multiple times, it is worth spending for the particular item of clothing even if it is quite costly.

7. Ignore the ‘only dry clean’ tags

While you plan to purchase that new dress of yours, make sure that you are checking out the washing instructions. If the tag says that it needs to be only dry-cleaned, it’s not worth buying it. It’s because the total cost of the apparel will add up an extra £5 or £6 to get it dry cleaned. Rather, go for the ones which you can wash by hand to avoid any additional spending.

8. Boost up your creativity

If you’re a huge fan of unique clothing, no need to opt for buying them and paying huge amounts for them. Instead, you can do a little DIY action and make the ordinary dresses look stunning and out of the box. If you end up doing so, you would save a lot.

9. Shop off-season

Always think one step ahead and buy clothes while thinking opposite to the seasons – it’ll work out to be way more affordable!

10. Ask whether there is a price match

If you know the minimum price of any particular item of clothing, make it a point to ask for a price match to the seller from whom you are buying. If they find it authentic enough, they will most probably cut-down their price tags, thanks to their competition level with the contemporary businesses.

So, what are you waiting for? Just follow the aforementioned tips and save on your every purchase.

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