Hebrews to Negroes: Wake up Black America to premiere in London

The premiere will be accompanied by a film seminar on hidden history’s biggest secret

RONALD DALTON Jnr, author and filmmaker of Hebrews to Negroes is partnering with Royahlty Promotions to host a community event Hebrews to Negroes – Hidden History’s Biggest Secret, at St Andrew’s Community Centre, Brockley Road, SE4 2SA, on Sunday 17 November 2019, from 2:00pm – 8:30pm.

This event is the official UK premiere with a Q&A and talks on culture and identity that aims to raise awareness of hidden hebrew history as it pertains to people of the African diaspora, predominantly.

Royahlty Promotions aims to bring like-minded individuals and Hebrew assemblies together to participate in an event that offers a platform of engagement with the wider community, whilst signposting the community to individuals, assemblies and organisations where they can gain a deeper knowledge of what the entire history of black people is and why it matters for all to know. It is also an opportunity for people to hear, share and network with those on the same truth-seeking journey.

Ronald Dalton Jnr says: “Once black people find out their true biblical identity and fully embrace it then we will be able to fully understand Bible prophecy. It is only then that we can understand the future destiny of our people and the events that lie ahead that we must prepare for now”.  

Royahlty of Royahly promotions comments: “There has been a lot of interest and support for this event as the issue of identity is a common interest within all sections of the black community. Faith and belief is intrinsic to this event too for anyone to fully understand and embrace our history”.

Royahlty will host the Q&A and talks with a panel of experts. “The panel will be sharing their knowledge and experiences in relation to ‘Hebrew Awareness’ and identity and what this means, whilst covering pertinent issues of family, community, wealth, health and celebratory holidays when discussing going back to our roots.

“The African Edenic History Exhibition will be on display with a tour of it by the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem and Institute of Regenerative Truth and Derin Bepo, Natural Health Consultant will lead a talk on “Divine Wealth Restoration, not Reparations”.

Guests will be welcomed with an H2N pack and refreshments and meals will be available throughout the day with opportunities to browse stalls and network with other Hebrews and believers in a family atmosphere, whilst enjoying inspirational entertainment by up and coming poet Sharon Scipio and musical artist Shaun C with a drumming worksho.

Ticket prices are £10 and free for under 16’s. For more details on the event visit: www.hebrewstonegroes.co.uk, email: info @ royahlty.marketing or tel: 020 8987 8092.

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