What is “luxury” office design, and what difference can it make for your business?

THE LAYOUT, decor and underlying design of an office represents the company that occupies it. The company’s values, ethos, character and mission statement are all embodied by the office’s bricks, mortar, and equipment.

Much the same way the people you employ have a duty to uphold who you are and what you stand for, the office you manage needs to reflect positively on what you do. So, what does a luxury office mean, then?

Much more than a display of wealth

Naturally, the word luxury itself is linked to great expense. However, if you look up the word yourself, you’ll see that it also alludes to both ‘comfort’ and ‘elegance’. Intriguingly, there are many sources, including Brainstorm, that also relate luxury back to its historical roots – when it was about craftsmanship

So, if you’re already envisioning a bejewelled office environment that you might feel awkward simply walking through for fear of breaking something, think again. Luxury office design, then, is about the quality of the design and build, and how comfortable an environment it is to both visit and work in. 

Think about it for a moment: if luxury office design really was about obscenely expensive fixtures, fittings, art and equipment, you’d be less likely to relax if you did work there. Who wants to foot the bill for a priceless painting at work?!

Showcasing what you stand for every day

So, with a nice combination of comfort and elegance, you can certainly display luxury in a less startling or intimidating way. However, you’ll need that quality craftsmanship sitting underneath the core of everything that’s built or designed, regardless. 

In terms of ‘elegance’, then, like luxury itself, it doesn’t necessarily need to mean opulence and wealth. Once again, if you’ve got an idea of elegance in your head, it can mean many things, such as graceful and stylish. Still, the word ‘elegant’ is also linked to ingenuity and simplicity – isn’t the English language just so wonderfully baffling sometimes?!

Subsequently, a luxury office isn’t a one-size fits all design. What we all consider to be ingenious, simple, elegant and, therefore, luxurious, is different. You may run a business with strong, core family values, and like the idea of bringing a few home comforts into your workplace

However, you may also find the simplicity of minimalism comforting, or the brutal but beautiful use of concrete design engaging. Therefore, the real difference a ‘luxury’ office design could make for your business is whatever you want to make of it.

Don’t be too different, though…

One final word of warning, though: your luxury office, whatever that may mean to you, needs to reflect a luxury brand. So, if you do have a vision of a brand new, incredibly engaging office environment, do consider a thorough brand audit at the same time.

Ask if the elegance, simplicity, or ingenuity you’re going for matches your brand identity. Before you know it, you could be undertaking a full rebrand and refurbishment – but it will certainly be worth it in the end!

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