‘Why I want the black community to back the Brexit Party’

Abdul Turay, who’ll be standing against Labour’s David Lammy, tells The Voice that only his party, founded by Nigel Farage, has African Caribbean interests at heart

PLEA FOR SUPPORT: The Brexit Party's Abdul Turay

A PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party, who is contesting the Tottenham seat, is urging black voters to get behind his party.

Abdul Turay will be contesting the seat for the Brexit Party against Labour’s David Lammy.

While acknowledging that many black Britons may not have considering voting for the party, which was only formed in January this year, north Londoner Turay says that to ignore it in favour of one of the three mainstream parties would be a serious mistake.

He told The Voice he had supported Britain remaining  in the EU until witnessing the aftermath of the 2016 referendum.

Turay said: “I have seen the way the EU and the political elites have behaved since Britain voted to leave and I now realise the EU is a flawed project which is fundamentally undemocratic in nature. The EU has been hijacked by big corporations, political elites like David Lammy and billionaires who are using it to exploit and control the lives of ordinary working people.”

“Britain turned its back on the Commonwealth when we joined the European Union. We now have a chance to rebuild historic ties with our friends.”

He continued: “The European Union was built for the benefit of European people. It  was not built for  the benefit of Caribbean, African or Asian people.   


“We came to Britain from the Commonwealth not from Europe. My own family was part of the  Windrush Generaion who settled here Britain joined the European Community,  as it was then.  But Britain turned its back on the Commonwealth when it joined Europe. 

“It turned its back on us. We must leave this corrupt club.  How does staying in the EU even benefit black people?”

Turay was born in Chelmsford in 1967 and raised in Camden Town.

After leaving University, Turay moved to Asia and worked on newspapers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He returned to the UK just before the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997 and worked in the British Civil Service.

In 2013 Turay was elected to Tallinn City Council. As well as his native English Turay speaks Estonian and some Mandarin Chinese.

He said: “Remain means someone who wants to come to the mother country from Jamaica or Nigeria, who can quote Shakespeare or play cricket has to line up, whereas someone from Romania or Bulgaria who can barely speak English can just waltz in.

“If you vote for the Brexit Party,  you are voting for the  Commonwealth. You are voting for our country to invest in, trade with and give preferential treatment to people from those countries with which Britain has has historical ties.  If you vote for David Lammy or any Remain candidate you are voting for Europe. It really is that simple. “

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  1. | Kirstein Powell

    I have said all along that the EU is a predominantly racist endeavour. Free movement predominantly favours white Europeans over the BAME people from other countries coming to the UK. My mother’s family was also Windrush and voting Brexit is far from Xenophobic. Many BAME people I know voted leave for this same reason. I am voting Brexit Party.


    • | Artemis

      What a load of rubish, it is not the EU that has stopped BAME. The blame lies closer to home with not just the Tories but Labour, UKIP, the Brexit party and the L’ie’ dems.
      Leaving the EU will not change the attitudes and behaviours of those that will continue to run the show.


  2. | Gary Neal

    Well said mate. Good luck


  3. | Elizabeth Llewellyn

    I have never read so much drivel and nonsense in my life!
    I am a black British person. When I wanted to live in Germany for a few years, I had to prove that I had enough money in the bank to support myself, and/or a work contract, and prove that I had somewhere to live. Under British and EU law, Britain has always had the right to impose the same entry regulations…but for some reason has chosen not to. This is not the EU’s fault, it’s our Government’s fault. There is simply nothing “elite” or mysterious about it.


    • | Obsidian Phoenix

      I actually agree with you in part here Elizabeth however you miss one key point.

      This government also supports and backs the EU against the commonwealth as it must due to its commitments to the EU “Legally we must not put the EU in disrepute”. They knew that “Eu citzens where put to the front of the Que” so in essence a vote for the Brexit party is an anti government and anti status quo vote. Remember https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2018/nov/19/theresa-may-brexit-eu-nationals-jumping-queue-non-eu-workers-video

      Calling the entire article drivel is sad. I am neutral but he has valid points… as do you. The real question is why can’t you see that ? Why are you so biased ?

      FWY I am from the north met people from the BNP the worst kind but they are not as bad the people you will find in Italy, France, Finland , Bulgaria when it comes to racism Black brits are very sheltered in the UK. You want to become more like them ? You don’t find wealthy black people across many countries in Europe and its not that they didn’t have the immigration or numbers.

      To me you are the tree supporting the EU Axe because it has wood in the handle. You are the crab pulling your brothers and sisters down ensuring they don’t have the opportunities you or your parents had. You are immigrant/decedent of one pulling down the ladder for your own people. I prefer the BNP at least they were honest.

      In that sense at least white people get it right they are doing what they can to help each other unlike you.


  4. | Root Reality

    He needs to take his $hit to them northern Brexit area’s where the BNP will kick his a$$ & hopefully brain back to reality, damned fool!


  5. | Laurie

    Hope this ballbag loses his deposit!


  6. | Thinking out of box

    Why do we as black people vote labour?
    Do they really support us in the way we need or do they rely on our continued blind devotion?
    When we came from the west indies we strived to own our own land and house, now were here we want the authorities to provide a house we will never own our children are dying in post codes that we have no investment apart from the social housing we complain about.
    Think why and who you vote for dont follow the crowd blindly make your vote count for you and yours not them and theirs, open yours eyes to whats going on.


  7. | Okello

    Now this is what I call crap…. Politics of division… Thinking that you are Spitting hatred in a diplomatic manner…. I disagree with him completely


  8. | Turay

    Oh dear! Another nincompoop!!!


  9. | Winston Ojukutu Macaulay Jnr

    I stopped supporting the Conservative Party after David Cameroon called the referendum. And anyone who believes “leaving the EU” is the best thing for Britain must be living in another world. It is unfortunate that people like Abdul Turay have lost all sense of reasoning. Nigel Farage is bad news for Britain.


  10. | Dave

    He is right does not matter if you’re black or white the EU is corrupt and we must get out
    By the way iam white


    • | wez tindian

      you are deluded if you say it does not matter if you’r black or white, but…

      …by the way you are white.

      i was given a high viz jacket after the ref. result, in my local pub with the word in big black letters saying VISITOR


    • | Alba Mason

      EU is corrupt – give us the examples and the data / stats to back it up please. Also is the UK govt not corrupt? Are you believing the politicians in this country clean as a whistle and the system is not being abused or corrupted?

      Can you explain why prominent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has defended the move by a City firm that he helped to found being moved to Ireland ahead of the UK leaving the European Union?

      Can you explain why Boris Johnson as Mayor allowed his friend Jennifer Arcuri to have access to funding and networking / events that really she should not have had access to? Is this not him looking out for his friend here? Is that not corrupt behaviour and no accountability through an indepth investigation ?

      Not saying the EU system is perfect but there is a lot more accountability required in that system than there will be for our politicians and business chiefs if Brexit goes through…. why do you think the rich are pushing their Brexit agenda? Tax Avoidance regulation is in place and the UK don’t like it at all – making the wealthy explain their wealth, …. surely that cannot be a bad thing forcing the rich to detail their wealth and paying fair taxation?


  11. | Notablindfollower

    Abdul is right. Being in the EU is not in Caribbean or African interests. I voted not to join the Common Market in the original referendum 1970s, for the same reason – not to turn back on the Commonwealth. EU has damaged Commonwealth trade because UK is not allowed to give preference to Commonweatlth countries as before. Why do you think the majority of bananas are not from the Caribbean now. Similarly with immigration – EU citizens have to have preference.

    Could we please have measured opinions rather than hysterical or ignorant insults.


  12. | wez tindian

    this man is not the only UNCLE TOM parading as the slave from the masters kitchen to demonstrate The elite constructed image of multiculturalism – these deluded uUNCLE TOMS have the power through their intrinsic nature regarding access to the revolving door, between two worlds, in the quest to placate the white masters he becomes excessively obedient and servile to the white cause. Being black should be foremost as to how and why the fate of the diaspora, including all uncle toms, were still in the control of the descendants of slave owners.

    What underpins why or how the system works or not has implications about tribal nationality where assimilation must demand subjugation. There exist institutions to perpetuate the historically constructed images about what it means to be English, regression not change through evolution establish how paradoxical multiculturalism can be seen to be.

    There are many who have not taken the white man’s shilling, not for self-interest but for the cause, musicians, poets, authors, scholastic individuals when the question asked is – if you know your history, you will know where you are coming from – the collective must be the aim for advancement.

    Mavericks and individuals has established how denial and control is to placate through the hijacking of those same aspirational black go-getters and do-gooder’s been invited to the white master’s house of achievement through acquisitions for conspectus consumption is to be subjugated again, by national trinkets’ and shiny things that can only be viewed through rose tinted glasses, worn by the myopic knights, lords, dame’s the titles they were to have bestowed on them for acceptance regarding the obligatory non-disclosure procedure for exclusive rights to be wheeled out, collectively as the preverbal black sheep of the diaspora family to promote the establishment on social occasions as conformation of multiculturalism at work, can be problematic, then to be wheeled back to be placed under the dust sheets of conformity, out of sight out of mind. Multiculturalism is about placating through the ceremonial and pageantry of a time of dominance of master and slave, the top table and the scraps tossed willy nilly to placate the disadvantaged black diaspora.


  13. | Dan Seals

    Don’t trust this guy! While living in Estonia he spoke up against Brexit and called it a big mistake. He was a member of the Social Democrats, whose ideals he betrayed when he joined the Centre Party in exchange for a well-paying job. This guy is a living example of opportunism!!!


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