The best mobile phone deals

DO YOU want to purchase your favorite mobile phone but are tight on budget? Looking for good mobile phone deals can be a daunting task. Below are some of the best mobile phone deals that will enable you to browse in style. The deals below are for some of the best Samsung, Apple, and Huawei smartphone brands.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10

Do you love Samsung handsets? Take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S10 128 GB Prism Black. When you purchase the phone from Fonehouse, you will get 30GB of 4G data free, unlimited minutes, and unlimited texts. The contract runs for 24 months, and you will only pay a cost of £49 upfront and £36 every month. The total cost will amount to £913. You also get free BT Sport and Apple music. You can also take advantage of Sky Mobile’s offer where you will get the device at no upfront cost and pay a value of £34 every month which will amount to a total price of £1224 for 36 months. In turn, you get 2G of 4G data and unlimited texts and minutes. You also get an upgrade after 24 months.

  1. Apple iPhone XS

If you prefer to go with Apple, Sky Mobile offers you a 36-month contract where you pay zero upfront fees and pay a monthly cost of £40 for an Apple iPhone XS 64 GB space Grey. Sky Mobile offers you 2GB of 4G data, and unlimited minutes and texts.  The total cost you will incur is £1440, and you get to upgrade the phone after 24 months. You can also get an offer from Sky Mobile for an iPhone XS 256GB Space Grey at an upfront fee of £12, and a monthly cost of £42. You also get to upgrade the phone after 24 months.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you want the Samsung Galaxy S9, Metrofone will give you a 24-month contract at £17 per month, 500 MB of 4G data and unlimited texts and minutes. Note 9 has a capacity of 129GB. You will pay an upfront cost of £416, and the total cost will be £824. Additionally, you get free BT Sport and Apple Music.

  1. Huawei P20 Pro offers you a contract of 24 months for the Huawei P20 Pro 128 GB Black with no upfront fee and a monthly fee of £34. You also enjoy 15GB of 4G data and unlimited minutes and texts. As a bonus, you also get priority booking for tickets for O2 Venues. You can also get the same phone offer at £35 per month with 30 GB of 4G data and unlimited texts and minutes.

These are just some of the deals that will allow you to get your favorite phone if you are working on a budget. For some phones, there are no upfront fees but only monthly fees. You also enjoy free data as well as texts and talk time.

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