Tips for increasing traction on your website

THERE IS nothing as frustrating as creating an idea that no one gets to see. The internet poses the promise of global reach through its worldwide web function. This, however, does not directly translate to a world of customers if the right steps are not taken.

For an entrepreneur whose business is primarily online, not getting the kind of traction that can boost your business or services can be demotivating. Here are a few tips you can implement to increase traction on your website and therefore, increase the potential of making sales.

Choice of images

A lot of people are visual, especially when they are surfing the internet, and their eyes are often attracted to catchy, well-curated images. You can utilise this knowledge when choosing and capturing pictures for your website. Make sure that the angle the pictures are taken from portrays the product in the best possible way. Also, make sure to only use high-resolution images and align the images in such a way that they do not give a disorganised feel to whoever is no your site.

Consider making ad placements online

Placing ads online is one of the most effective ways to bring traction to your site. If your site is predominantly for shopping, placing product listing ads can be a good way to boost your sales and bring awareness to your business.

These kinds of ads are great because you only pay for them when they are clicked on and not for singularly placing them on the site. You can purchase these ads through Google Adwords and on Broadplace, you can learn more about this.

Place Importance on your headlines

Just like your images, your headlines should also be a focal point if you want to get the kind of traction that can make your sales soar.

Headlines are often the first thing someone that comes across your site would see. It is important to make it capture the essence of the content that has been crafted in a catchy, interesting way. By doing this, the chances that people would click on your site and therefore be made aware of your product and services are higher.

Try out guest blogging

Guest blogging requires you to contribute content to a site that is not yours in order to give knowledge and boost readership on that site. By contributing to other websites, you open your brand up to potential customers that many never have encountered before.

It is important to guest blog on topics that are similar to your area of expertise. This is because the people who read these sites are most likely to fit your target audience. By coming across your content, they are likely to patronise your business.  

Great businesses deserve to be known and patronised on a global scale. These tips should help you in boosting sales and increasing awareness about your business venture to access the global market out there. For more tips on digital marketing, website functionality and GoogleAds, visit Broadplace today.

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