MP Accuses Grenfell Council Of Racism And Snobbery

Council officials reportedly described the are where the tragic tower is located as “little Africa”

SPEAKING OUT: Labour MP Emma Dent Coad

AN MP has called out council officials, after claiming they described The Grenfell Tower area as “little Africa” and “full of people from the Tropics.”

Emma Dent Coad said the attitude from the Kensington and Chelsea Council following the tragedy was either “racism or snobbery, take your pick.”

Speaking to MPs about the response to the tragedy which took place June 14 2017, Ms Dent Coad told the Commons: “A senior council officer was told to go down to the site but refused. He said, ‘It’s like little Africa down there’.

“Another said ‘the area was full of people from the Tropics’. A senior officer regularly in front of others referred to my neighbours as ‘mussies’. This attitude is hardly surprising.

“A senior councillor about two years ago during a debate on refugee children said during his speech, ‘If we let these people in, we will have an Islamic caliphate in Kensington and Chelsea’.”

The Labour MP also revealed that she’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after the inferno which left 72 people dead.

“As someone myself suffering from PTSD, but able to function and I know so many who cannot, I will on their behalf wear the scars of my own mental ill health with pride,” she said.

“The type of trauma we have does not go away. There have been several suicides and while it is often difficult to ascertain causes, the people that I know of, five, who have lost their lives in the past seven months were affected to varying degrees by what happened.”

The council said they would write to Ms Dent Coad to find out the details of the allegations and plan to investigate them “urgently.”

Kensington and Chelsea Council leader Elizabeth Campbell said: “If these claims can be substantiated we will of course investigate them urgently, but I hope Emma would have reported them at the time as both a local councillor and MP.

“I will be writing to her directly to find out the details of the cases she outlined in the House of Commons.”

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