Boris Johnson hails Black History Month

In a special message to Voice readers the prime minister hailed the contribution of Britain's black communities

RECOGNITION: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hailed the importance of Black History Month and the role played by Britain’s black communities in helping it become the diverse nation it is today.

In a special letter to Voice readers ahead of the event which starts next month he said: “Black History Month always provides a fantastic opportunity for us to recognize the outstanding contributions people of African and Caribbean descent have made to our country over many generations.

“From business, law and education to technology, sport and the creative arts, Black British people continue to leave an indelible mark upon every sphere of life in Britain.


“I’m immensely proud to lead a global, outward-facing country known across the world for its rich and vibrant cultural diversity, and for the undeniable wealth of skills and talent for which we are admired.”

Johnson continued: “The black British community, with its infectious entrepreneurial spirit, is leading the charge in the business arena: more than 11,000 BAME entrepreneurs have received government-backed Start Up Loans since 2012 and as we leave the European Union, opportunities to unleash talent and creativity around the world will only increase.


“So, I say to all your readers: as we celebrate throughout October, we not only look back with enormous gratitude to the African-Caribbean community for your huge contribution to Britain – we also look forward with great optimism for the future of our great country, and for the chance for us all to share in that bright future.”

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  1. | John

    Is this guy real, he must have lost his mind. Or did forget the things he said to win the votes from the right wing.


    • | wez tindian

      ….the narrative is written by the controllers of the agenda for a reaction.
      British history has documented how and why groups of people established in a commonality of tribal and a national future can become problematic. When it suits, ethnicity and race, through dissent the marginalised and the disenfranchised individuals within tribal groups and the mavericks within communities will challenge the ruling elite in unconventional ways, in doing wrong to be right, triggering decision makers of state established divisive institutions becoming the controllers of the agenda.

      …his narrative is constructed to placate the black diaspora now he has the attention of the indigenous rilled against a white Europe – with more divisive rhetoric – we want our borders back etc. etc. etc…


  2. | wez tindian

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hailed the importance of Black History Month and the role played by Britain’s black communities in helping it become the DEVISIVE nation it is today.

    through historically constructed images by the controllers of knowledge – the intended effect is moral panic through cognitive bias…

    …politicians and political miss speak..


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