Windrush project launches in Manchester

Windrush Wonders aims to document the stories of those affected by the ‘hostile environment’ policy

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A WINDRUSH project in Manchester has been launched, in a bid to ensure stories of the Windrush generation are well documented.

According to Manchester Evening News, people will be invited to share personal stories that will be published as part of a book to be released next year.

The project, entitled Windrush Wonders, was set by Marcia Hutchinson MBE who set it up in responses to the mistreatment of the Windrush Generation due to the ‘hostile environment’ policy.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Hutchinson said: “In a few years time, people might forget about what these people actually had to go through.

“The reason we’re putting a book together is to tell people involved that their stories matter and we hear them.”

The project will be based at Manchester Central Library and will collect stories by encouraging relatives to interview family members because “people are not really willing to trust.”

“We’re approaching the black community in general and asking if they have any relatives affected by the hostile environment policy. People can sometimes be wary because they’re worried the Home Office will literally come and take them away.

“A lot of work has to be done to build up that trust before they are willing to share their stories.

“I think people need to be interviewed by someone they know and trust. If a stranger turns up, it could be very worrying for them.”

The project will provide training for those wanting to take part, focusing on areas including interviewing techniques and transcribing.

An event from Windrush Wonders will take place October 31 at the West Indian Sports & Social Club in Manchester.

It will focus on the experiences of West Indian people affected by the ‘hostile environment’ policy, as attendees have the chance to listen in on how this has impacted families.

Caribbean food will be provided as well as music and speakers include MP’s Lucy Powell, Kate Green and Afzal Khan. 

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