1 in 4 black and Asian voters are not registered to vote, warns the Electoral Commission

According to the Electoral Commission, 25 per cent of black voters in the UK are not registered

ONE IN four black and Asian people are not registered to vote, according to the Electoral Commission, as it calls on the public to register to vote by Tuesday 26 November ahead of December’s general election.

The Commission’s data says that 25 per cent of black voters in Great Britain are not registered. It also says that 24 per cent of Asian voters and almost a third (31 per cent) of eligible people with mixed ethnicity are not yet registered, compared to a 17 per cent average across the population.

Anyone wanting to vote in the election on Thursday 12 December 2019 must register by Tuesday 26 November. Registration is quick and easy and can be done online at www.gov.uk/registertovote. Anyone who won’t be able to get to their polling station on 12 December can arrange either a postal or proxy vote.

Craig Westwood, Director of Communications, Policy and Research at the Electoral Commission, said: “Everyone eligible to vote should be able to do so, but must be registered by Tuesday 26 November.

“It only takes five minutes to register to vote online – time that you might otherwise spend waiting for the kettle to boil or for a bus to arrive. So if you want to make sure your voice is heard, go online and register now.”

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  1. | Sharon Wallace

    Hello, I would like further information about the Marginal constituencies all over the UK with black communities. Saw a map on Channel 4.

    Thank you


  2. | Kk

    With respect, after watching a Brit Asian family in the Midlands talking about how they are going to vote as they have always voted even though it would ruin our chances of finally wriggling free of the Eastern European grip around our national throat that is choking our nation and all of us on these Islands.
    This Country is in a purple patch because of the ‘ brown brain ‘ not in spite of it, in every field of research whether it is Cancer Dementia Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s Diabetes Astro Physics, Civil Engineering and on and on in all of the Highest Research Universities in our lands it’s the diligent brown brain rising to the fore in almost all of the very research breakthroughs we are seeing reported almost every night that will give this Country a new Global Identity and it is because of our blended diversified new generations guided by their own traditional aspirations is something we now cannot do without…ever again!
    My wife is clearly head and shoulders above some of the so-called traditional Socialist kabal ( that’s Labour party members to you and me ) that jealousy guard these highest paid positions of influence known as the hire and fire Brigade, they are the upper Institutions senior management positions throughout UK Higher Education Post Grad and it is the Socialist Marxists who hold these posts and steer the Country’s future from that position and they almost never recognise their colleagues from diversified backgrounds, it is not the Conservative group who themselves are being sidelined along with the diversified management groups and in some ways it’s the the brown brain staff who doing the inspirational uplift and having to hand it to the Socialist groups who make it their own.,
    We can only rectify this appalling restrictive practise by allowing the Conservatives to wipe these modern day slavery practise away once and for all, and allow our Country to breath and grow as it would in due course to be one of the best among the best.

    #TabysStar Ted Talks YouTube.com.

    If there were little green men and they knew about it wouldn’t you keep it a secret the way we fricassee just about anything and everything on a flame at the side of our restaurant table.

    Happy Holidays.
    Vote Boris free the Brains…!


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