Love Island star Mike Boateng’s family slams his former employers over ‘false stories’ and ‘racist incidents’

Brothers Samuel and Andrew release lengthy statement on Twitter criticising Greater Manchester Police

'FALSE STORIES': Mike Boateng's family say they're disappointed at some of the stories that have appeared about the Love Island star

The family of Love Island star Mike Boateng’s family has released a statement urging the media to end what they have called ‘harassment’ and ‘false stories’.

Boateng has been the subject of media stories alleging that ‘the former Greater Manchester Police Officer was being investigated for ‘improper conduct’ before he entered the villa.

But his relatives have shared a lengthy message on his Twitter page claiming that the stories that have been published about him are untrue.

The message– penned by his brothers, Samuel and Andrew, said: “We have been informed as a family that certain publications shall release stories of Mike over the next few days regarding his time at Greater Manchester Police.

“The stories……are false. Despite these publications knowing the stories are completely false, they are still looking to publish them. In an attempt to add credibility to these stories, they have turned up at our family home and harassed our mother in the early hours of the morning. We believe there is a clear attempt to tarnish Mike’s character.”

Samuel and Andrew went on to explain how ‘disheartened’ they are with Greater Manchester Police’s response to the claims, insisting Mike has always tried to find the positive in his time with the force.


“Mike no longer works for Greater Manchester Police as he resigned after filming introductory videos in preparation for Love Island,” the statement continued. “Mike showed nothing but dedication to GMP. He joined believing the force represented honesty and integrity.”

STATEMENT: Boateng’s brothers Samuel and Andrew released a statement in Twitter

His family also slammed his former employers for an incident in which they claim he was racially abused by fellow officers in a training session.

They said: “Whilst working for Greater Manchester Police, Mike was subject to discrimination by officers including an incident where he was called a gorilla during a training session. This is a documented incident that took place. The officers involved in these incidents were not sacked, however relocated to different departments.

“Mike has not once spoken out against the police and always tried to portray the force in a positive light. His hope was that in him joining the force, people from BAME backgrounds would in turn join, ensuring diverse representation within the organisation.


“Mike was not forced or pushed out of the police. He resigned after he chose to go on Love Island. If any of the stories, which shall be published, were true, Mike would have been sacked as a result of them, which he wasn’t.”

So far, Greater Manchester Police has not responded to the statement.

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