Serena and Venus Williams’ father is suffering from ‘dementia’

Court documents in his battle with estranged wife reveal the illness

HAPPIER TIMES: Richard Williams with tennis champ daughter Venus

Serena and Venus Williams’ father Richard is suffering from dementia his doctor has revealed in court papers.

The documents reveal that his doctor,  Dr Monica Walker, said the former tennis coach has suffered irreparable “brain damage” and “dementia” following a stroke and that he is “totally incapacitated to conduct any business”.

In the documents, published by The Sun, Dr Walker says: “As you are well aware, you suffered damage to your brain tissue during a stroke.

“The complications after the stroke included inability to remember things which happened recently and incidents that happened years ago.

POSSIBLE COURT BATTLE: Venus and Serena Williams

“You will remember, immediately after the stroke, your muscles weakened and slowly you were able to regain strength. You also have problems speaking and finding the right word to use.


“You have recovered from problems forming your words. However, you have not recovered from what is called dementia.

“Your ability to do household business transactions such as writing checks, paying bills, and maintaining records is lost. You still at times find it difficult to use the right words. This is all part of cerebral vascular disease and stroke.”

Williams has been fighting a divorce battle with ex-wife Lakeisha Williams, 40 over the transfer of his home in Florida into her name.


The Sun reports that tennis aces Serena and Venus could become embroiled in a court battle with their stepmother.

According to the paper Richard claims in court documents that Lakeisha forged his signature to change the mortgage deed on his house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, into her name.

The Daily Mail reports that Williams suffered a series of strokes in 2016 which have left him barely able to speak.

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