Ethiopia all-women flight marks International Women’s Day

The flight was aimed at highlighted female contribution to the aviation industry and women’s progress in conquering male-dominated professions

GENDER EQUALITY: Amsale Gualu, Ethiopian Airlines' first female captain

ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES marked International Women’s Day by operating an all-women flight from Addis Ababa to Washington DC. 

The flight, which took place on March 7, was operated by female professionals in the sky as well as on the ground.

Women handled all the ground operations including flight dispatch, load control, ramp operation, on-board logistics, safety and security, catering as well as air traffic control. 

Empowering women

Ethiopian Airlines, one of Africa’s largest aviation groups,  conducted the flight to highlight the airline’s progress in empowering women, and recognising their contribution to the socio-economic development of the continent. 

PROGRESS: Ethiopian Airlines conducted an all-female flight to highlight the growing contribution of women to the aviation story

Speaking about the flight, the sixth consecutive time the airline has held the flight, Ethiopian Group CEO Tewolde GebreMariam, said: “Ethiopian firmly believes that such remarkable flights inspire African women and young girls to dream big and realize their dreams not only in aviation, but also in science, technology, engineering, art and other fields.”

GebreMariam said Ethiopian Group is an equal opportunity employer, and that Ethiopian Group was determined to create an enabling environment for women to become the next generation aviation experts. 

Gender equality

“While we celebrate the economic, social and political achievements of women in Africa, we take a bold move towards further championing gender equality in Ethiopia and Africa at large” he said.

The airline has seen a remarkable rise in the number of women in different leadership positions. Ethiopian has been operating all-female flights since 2015. 

The airline has so far flown to Bangkok, Kigali, Lagos, Buenos Aires and Oslo with all female crew. 

We firmly believes that such remarkable flights inspire African women and young girls to dream big and realize their dreams not only in aviation, but also in science, technology, engineering, art and other fields.

Tewolde GebreMariam, Ethiopian Group CEO

Last year Dr Saba Fikru, the head of the airline’s medical and health services, said that 35% of the company’s 16,000-strong workforce is female.

She said: “These days, an increasing number of women are completing their pilot training successfully. Now we can hear a female voice coming from the flight deck or the cockpit.” 

However Ethiopian Group is not the only airline to run all-female flights. 

During last year’s International Women’s Day, Air India said it had become the first airline to fly around the world with an all-female crew.

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  1. | Estifanos

    Well done Ethiopian. You truly inspire us at this historic moment of International Women’s Day.


  2. | Daniel tura

    Editors of must be from a different planet or still they have the century old hate about Ethiopia being the only non colonised nation in Africa( remember the battle of Adwa) And the fourth independent nation in the world. Or are they comparing, any man made structure on earth to Ethiopia’s ” Lalibela”.

    How could they say Ethiopian is one of Africa’s largest aviation groups in Africa. It is the Largest airline in Africa by miles. No African based airline is no were in the track of Ethiopian. Ethiopian has the largest Aviation catering facility, Africas largest MRO facility, Africas most modern and largest Aviation training academy and much more. Boeing 737 max is grounded globally not because of the crash of Lion Air but that of Ethiopian. Because the latter has a standard Aviation training facility that say British Airways or Qatar Airways.
    Very sincere regards,
    Apology if I sounded heavy


  3. | Gebru Mamoosh Girmay

    I am proud of Ethiopia my Catholic Church and we are The Garden of Eden That Ezghiaber created in THE CATHOLIC BIBLE! Ciat yenya Ethiopia alen hagarchen! Abebe Bekila rote badew egeru! #13 Anbessa!


  4. | Awoke Genetu

    This is an achievement that an Ethiopian can proud of. One day, I wish my youngest girl to join the Ethiopian group. This approach is not only motivating young girls, but also motivating their parents to encourage their young ones to join the Ethiopian group.
    This approach of encouraging women must be followed in other fields too.
    I proud of Ethiopian as usual!


  5. | G. Fen

    Ethiopia has wise and capable women starting
    From Queen Sheba , Titu , Zewditu and Tirunesh Dibaba, wow , we all are proud of you!!!


  6. | Mart

    Am happy and proud that a women can do without being controlled or directed by a man at least for a day.


  7. | Mr. Bekele

    There is an old inspiration quote “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

    I have never thought of a female voice from a cockpit??? Intersting.
    Keep it up the good work for other fellow Africans to die with their memories not with thier dreams.


  8. | Melaku Teshome

    Look at their elegance, confidence and demeanor. They can fly, they can rule and make their country proud.


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