Coronavirus: Jamaica may impose UK travel restrictions

JAMAICA MAY introduce travel restrictions on the UK, the country’s prime minister has announced.

Speaking yesterday, Andrew Holness said that the possibility was being reviewed.

“With two imported cases from the United Kingdom, we are reviewing the possibility of imposing travel restrictions on the UK,” he tweeted.

In a separate statement during a press conference at Jamaica House, Holness said: “The government is actively reviewing the extent of travel restrictions relating to the UK and, in short order, we should be saying some more on that.”

Jamaica confirmed its second case of COVID-19 yesterday.

The patient, a US embassy employee, had returned to Jamaica from the UK.

On Wednesday, Jamaica confirmed its first case of COVID-19.

The patient, a Jamaican woman, had travelled to the Caribbean island from the UK.

She arrived in the country on March 4 and has been in isolation since March 9.

More to follow…

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  1. | Sonia Brown

    We are due to attend a wedding in Jamaica in April with this virus ranging dont know what to do.


    • | Roy Nathan

      I am going to runaway bay with tui I am expecting the border to close to all I guess that I can maybe go later on in the year if this thing goes away


  2. | Mitch

    Dream return to Jamaica in April, 20 years in the making. Not looking good!


  3. |

    Jah run things clean hands and a pure heart live long


  4. | Rosemarie King

    We booked to travel to Jamaica in April, need to know what going to happen. So arrangements can be made


  5. | Naomi

    We are going to a wedding in the next two weeks taking stuff for the wedding MY daughter is a bridesmaid don’t know what to do


  6. | Trena Blake

    We are due to fly to Jamaica on March 26th for my partners 50th are they going to let us in and will we get put in quarantine


    • | Debbie Clayton

      Snap!! We’re due to fly next Thursday for my 50th!! 🙁 x


    • | Camelia Sterling-Martin

      I would like to know the same thing please


    • | Beth

      Same as my mother ,dey need fi tell us what is happening do arrangements can be made ,not shortlist us with our options especially refund dem?! It needs to be discussed with each embassy atleast


  7. | KB

    Don’t go. You could possible catch it via the plane and spread it to a country that can’t handle it.


    • | Annon

      I’m due to go in 2 weeks too. Gutted to think it might not happen. I agree completely with your comment. The most important thing is the health and wellbeing of the people. Holidays etc can be rearrange, a life lost can never be got back. Some are too selfish to understand that. How would they feel if it was their frail loved one? We all know the answer to that question don’t we? They would scream blue murder. Disappointment beats loss of life every time.


  8. | Michael Manley

    I’m telling all of my fellow Jamaican. Do not fear, especially if you live in the country, planting your own food. This is a bio 5G weapons, please do not take the VACCINE that is coming out. It’s going to destroyed you more. It will manipulate your DNA. Turn a lots of you into Zambi. It’s all about depopulation and control of the nation. Please know your self, and open your eyes. Please stop killing your brothers and sisters, Unity right now is Strength. You need them to fight what is coming. UNITY.


  9. | Stephanie Simpson

    We are travelling from UK for my grandmothers funeral in the next 2 weeks. We have not been in contact with any person suffering with any of the virus symptoms. It is unfair that we may not be allowed to enter.


  10. | Mr Jamacia

    Close Jamacia from outside world as you dont have the money to deal with a rampant virus. Dont dither look after what you have until things get better and look to start at being less dependant food wise on outside.
    Jamacians have a great natural health. Its precious dont gamble with it.


  11. | Banju

    Airlines are changing their cancellation policies and passengers get credits not refunds, Airbnb is giving refunds, but high end resorts such as the Rockhouse and Tensing Pen in Negril have not changed their cancellation policy, so tourists will continue to travel into Jamaica.


    • | Danielle Jendreas

      The rockhouse cancellation policy is already pretty good you have until 2 weeks before your date to cancel with a full refunded aside from a $25 fee


  12. | Steve McCue

    We have booked to travel on the 4th April for a 2 week vacation in Negril, we are hoping that the Jamaican govement will restrict all flights from the UK.

    So we are able to claim our £11k back from our insurance company and look to rebook in the future when things improve, it is not only the money aspect it is the fear of carrying a virus into a country that may not be able to cope with medical demand.


    • | The son Sealey

      It’s interesting that restrictions may be place on flights from the UK but not the USA..ask yourselves the question why when the USA is currently the least tested place for the virus hence they dont know how many cases they have and there is a lot more people coming into Jamaica from the USA when compared to the UK…at least the UK has a proper testing system..whereas the USA does not….so Jamaicans dont know how many people coming in from the USA may be carrying the virsu🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


  13. | Hugh David

    Government should make a decision immediately. The situation in the UK will only worsen. Could Jamaica cope with a large and serious outbreak – your people must come first. Close your border, don’t risk an epidemic.


  14. | Hugh David

    Jamaica may have banned flights from Spain,Italy, France and Germany, but people from those countries can fly to the UK as it is still part of the EU. From the UK there could be onward travel to Caribbean countries, including Jamaica, and the USA. It is estimated that there are 10,000 people in the UK alone infected with the coronavirus, and many more in the other EU counties.


  15. | Jo Smith

    We are due to travel on wednesdsy 18th still waiting to hear if it’s going to be cancelled or not. Just need to know don’t we.


  16. | Karen Millen

    Please will the Jamaican govt make a decision quickly. Don’t wait for more deaths to happen. Be pro-active and try and contain this virus so that holidaymakers to Jamaica knows exactly what to do. I am due to travel to JA on 20th March and don’t want to go. TUI is waiting on word from either govts before they will give a refund. Please Please make a decision. Prevention is better than cure.


    • | Alison Hookway

      Our government website has updated today, there is restrictions to travel from uk, to all except Jamaican citizens and their families


    • | P Simpson

      Please go to the Voice Online for the latest update.


  17. | John Hutchinson

    We are in Jamaica at moment in Nargil with tui no one has mentioned anything about the cases of corona virus here we seem to have been kept in the dark looked on web and ones man arrived here on a Manchester flight and has been taken to hospital if there’s no flights out to here how do we get home ??
    Will we be put in quarantine on our return


  18. | Trudie

    Where did you get your info? USA is definitely testing. Many positives but not nearly as many as UK. EVERY STATE IS TESTING. There are strict rules in place and PREEMPTIVE measures taken within the US to help lower the spread. Many schools, colleges, and universities are closed as well as large public gatherings cancelled. Jamaica is a tiny nation and should take measures to protect its borders from possible vulnerability. Use common sense and restrict travel as necessary.


  19. | Lily Stevenson

    14th March// im meant to be going to a wedding in april but we are supposed to be flighing out on the 29th of March


  20. | steve firman

    the government need to act urgently,it will be bad enough trying to get money back for trip from insurance company .


  21. | Alan Proehl

    Just had a message from my tour operator TUI flights are banned from the UK, holiday cancelled.


  22. | B

    I have elderly relatives in Jamaica.I would not like for them to catch this virus,so if all beings well for later in the year that is when I will be going.People please if you have respiratory conditions dont travel. Prevention is better than cure. I know we love our little Island Jamaica but if it just funeral you are going for just send them the money to help for the funeral, they will be buried.Go after and but down the headstone. Poor little Jamdown wont be able to cope. Dont take the risk.You will be abe to reclaim your fare. In the meantime keep praying . The good Lord will not abondon us in this. He is a merciful God and just as how He deliver the children from Egypt in Phoarah,He will truly deliver us. Faith will move mountains and heal our land.


  23. | Patricia Fisher

    Not been back to Jamaica for 21 yrs. Was due to go back in April. Devastated 😢


  24. | Driver Del

    I haven’t seen my mother in 4 years, sadly she passed away on the 1st March 14 days before her 90th birthday, her funeral is planned for the 4th April I’m booked to travel and nod this restriction. I understand the concern but feel totally lost right now.


  25. | Ghetto Movements

    You might not have been in contact with anyone showing the symptoms because it might just be early days yet and nothing showing, also what about the rest of the few hundred people that you will be on the plane with for 9-10 hours including the main spreaders (children) ????


  26. | lee o'tho

    Due to go Negril next month but would rather not be a risk to Jamaica or myself, close the borders until this blows over and we can all holiday at a better time, would be selfish to let it run its course!


  27. | Gs

    They already have a case of coronavirus down there


  28. | Lorna McNeill

    We r in Jamaica also until 24th March…no word from TUI yet but I’m guessing if there’s no flights allowed in until 28th I’m sure there will be no flights out before then either..tried ringing tui today and waited over half an hour on phone …no answer…does say online they will contact us ..worry n wait I guess 🙁


  29. | Maria Parke

    No flights in until the 28th for now. I hope to be going end of april


  30. | Simon Bakari

    Michael, i agree do you have anymore information?


  31. | Amanda

    Due to fly out next week an I get it but a ban for two weeks what’s going to happen after that once it’s in the country its in


  32. | Bunny

    Jamaica need to band all flights from the UK right now because they are hiding alot of things here BAND BAND BAND BAND NOW NOW NOW


  33. | Pattie Bruce Bruce

    I have reservation for July from USA
    I pray that it will be over by then.


  34. | Kareef Myers

    I’m supposed to come to Jamaica in April for my honeymoon with my wife is it safe to come I’m from the u.s (nyc)


  35. | Candice Hewston

    I’m sapost to be in Jamaica on Friday what’s the restrictions coming from Canada


    • | Selina

      I’m also coming from Canada on the 30 of March. Are there any restrictions for canada


  36. | Dorothy

    What about UK residents already on the island, are they able to travel back to the uk


  37. | Rubba

    It is not true, Are you say America is not banned from traveling and there are more cases in the uk. Do agree that this is a bio weapon set up to kill us of with the vaccine. it here we got to deal with it in a balanced way. the first is don’t trust the vaccine, Second, Don’t wait on GOD as he has nothing to do with creating this virus. keep piling all the good natural medicine in your system starting with lots of turmeric, ginger.lemon-lime and plant medicines made for combating colds, flu Ect. Finally, listen to good healing music. watching too much screens can promote sickness.


  38. | Patricia Hunter

    How do you know you haven’t or will not come in contact with an affected person.? Have you stayed in your home ( and every one) in your house for last couple weeks
    and didn’t leave ONCE? People are so uninformed .My sympathy for your dear grandma but there is a PANDEMIC going on. Google it and learn and be grateful for restrictions. Don’t be selfish . RIP to your loved one. I mean no disrespect. But I’m afraid the Underground will be crawling with this outbreak soon.


  39. | Katie Wells

    Due to fly out to Jamaica, April 21st, 2020. Very concerned about Covid 19 and now wonder if we will be able to fly back home?


  40. | Carol brown

    I have a business in Jamaica and is due to fly on the 25 April and is not sure if thsts poss.


  41. | Daney oneil Cruickshank

    Jamaica need to planned a flight to the cayman island because there is alot of people who is not working on this island an need to come home you really have to do something about this people have there familys to attend to in jamaica because thats our country an we love it if we shall die let us die in jamaica thats our birth ground let us come home please this island has no care about we jamaicans in this time they care about their own people


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