‘Boris has tried his utmost to wipe Black History Month off the face of the map this year’

We don’t have to celebrate the past this October if we could be helping to decide the future

THE FRONT PAGES: Boris Johnson and his continued insistence on leaving the EU on October 31 stands to overshadow any important black faces in this month of supposed celebration

BORIS JOHNSON has tried his utmost to wipe Black History Month off the face of the map this year.

By announcing that Britain would leave the EU “do or die” on October 31, he has ensured that the celebratory month will be irrelevant at best and cancelled at worst.

Black people won’t make it onto the front pages of the national newspapers this year – as we did last year when Boris’s predecessor, Theresa May, enforced a hostile environment on the so-called Windrush Generation.

Finally, at the 31st year of asking, Black History Month got the respect it deserved – but only, ironically, by black British people being denied the respect they deserve.


That, of course, is history. Just as Brexit is history. History that Black History Month cannot compete with. Unless…

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  1. | Joe Simple

    Is the voice pro Corbyn. As for BHM, name me one black run country that celebrates it


    • | wez tindian

      me thinks U is missing the point – black run countries are not SUBVERSIVELY trying to WHITEWASH black history out of their black run societies…
      …me thinks U don’t know the history of the black race pre-windrush – perhaps U are not black?


  2. | Dave

    Come on Voice, Stop With The Click Bait Headlines Please!!!


  3. | James.R.Green.

    Other than the perfunctory apology by Gordon Brown in 2010, the white-skinned British Children that were being turfed out of their own country headed for Australia , as the ‘ Windrush ‘ was disembarking its passengers at Tilbury, have never been recognised as ever existing: if there was anybody at all who should be seen to have a whinge about what happened in that era, it was the child migrants that were kicked out by a Labour Govt which was pissing itself in glee, as the ‘ Windrush ‘ was tied up at the docks, and the disastrous ideal of a multiculti society for Britain was now on its way!


  4. | Christopher Tyson

    Suppose I’m an ardent fan of Chelsea FC, suppose I believe that everyone should be enlightened about the history of Chelsea FC, indeed that a month, okay a week, should be set aside for a national Chelsea FC, history month. What would you think? You would think that this is a ridiculous proposal and you would say that Black History Month is more worthwhile and serious and important. Why? Because you believe that this is a matter of social justice, reparation, and esteem. That is your reasons are political, Black History Month is not about history, it is about politics. It also locates the issues that affect black people as cultural rather than say, economic or political in a broader sense. But where is the discussion, debate and dialogue about what the central issues for black people are, how to address them and what forms of politics to pursue? Where is the democracy and accountability? 70% of the UK population voted in the EU referendum, of these 52% voted to leave. This is an issue that divides the whole country and in which many are passionately engaged. Johnson has wished Black History Month well as previously reported in The Voice, why should he become personally involved? We are free to read as much Black History as we want whenever we want, but it appears that Black History Month is not about history but about imposing a political perspective or worldview on people whether they want it or not. At least people have voted for Johnson and he is answerable to those people.


    • | wez tindian

      “So, I say to all your readers: as we celebrate throughout October, we not only look back with enormous gratitude to the African-Caribbean community for your huge contribution to Britain – we also look forward with great optimism for the future of our great country, and for the chance for us all to share in that bright future.”

      In the words of Bob Marley – if u know your history u would know where you are comin from –

      …or the proclamation by ELIZABETH 1 in the 1500s regarding ethnicity and race, specifically aimed to the demobbed negro sailors and soldiers, after the war against the Spanish – on taking the obligatory state coin were now unemployed, homeless regarding their origin, now decamped within the boundary wall of English cities…GET THEM OUT OF MY REALM…

      …political institutions don’t change – just as we cant change the colour we were born into, the state can’t change their political history.

      …EXODUS – from over there to over here – was this time was a choice.


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