Are you for or against Brexit?

Are you for or against Brexit?

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  1. | Ransford Patterson

    Your question is not very well phrased. Are you for or against Brexit? Yes or no.
    I am against Brexit, so my answer would be, yes I`m against Brexit, but no I`m not for Brexit.


  2. | Patricia

    This is an ambigious and misleading question. Shame on you.


  3. | Dominiq Powell

    It’s quite obvious what will and is happening, RASCISM has become overt, like back in my days 6os and 70s.
    It’s mainly about patriotic white British people so say wanting there country back. If only if they knew the real history of Britian and not since there history began when the empire started. They need to go back 5000years ago and more,not just 4 or 5 hundred short years.


    • | wez tindian

      if BRIXIT is about the ENGLISH tribe wanting their country back, when do we start to listen to the other tribes, the SCOTS, IRISH and the WELSH? why is it always about the ENGLISH needs and wants!

      History has established how through dominance the ENGLISH constructed images is about self-interest demonstrated through the dis-investment political westminster policies regarding the west indies economy.


  4. | wez tindian

    the question was – are you for or against Brexit? –

    my reply is NO – to the meaning as i believe how you have constructed the question in the same way the politicians put to the people who voted to leave through ambiguity.


  5. | Delores Gordon

    I voted to stay in Europe, and I still want to stay in Europe, the public was not given the truth, about the impact it will have on us. And i will never understand, why Boris and Nigel or so set on comming out of Europe.

    Could it be because they both want power, Nigel wants to be in parliament and Boris wants to be Prime Minster and that the only way they both get their gold at the end


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