Football: Should England walk off over racist abuse?

VOCAL: Chelsea's Tammy Abraham

TAMMY ABRAHAM has said England are prepared to walk off the pitch if they are targeted by racist abuse in their Euro 2020 qualifiers this week.

England will face the Czech Republic on Friday (Oct 11) – then play Bulgaria on Monday. That match will take place in a partially-closed stadium because of fans’ racist behaviour in June.

Abraham said “If it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. Harry Kane even said that if we’re not happy, if a player is not happy, we all come off the pitch together.”

Do you agree with the team’s stance if they decide to walk of the pitch? Vote and comment why below!

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  1. | Dirk

    It is the 21st Century, we have had to put up with the tired old lame excuse that it is just part of the game for too long. Racism exists throughout society and is rightly challenged but the football authorities just turn a blind eye and pretend it does not exist. The penalties issued to clubs and countries, particularly in Europe are pathetic and just encourage more abuse. Until a proper stand is taken it will continue and get worse. If there is more abuse in Bulgaria, the England players should not need to walk off, the football authorities should kick Bulgaria out of the tournament until they prove they can control themselves. But this will never happen because the racism runs deep and there is money involved. An alternative would be to use VAR on the crowd. At the first sign of racist abuse, a free kick should be awarded. That would hurt the team and supporters. This would also hurt teams where supporters hurl racist abuse at their own players


    • | Leila

      England players are above the cruel minority.
      They should continue to behave professionally and play the game

      It is the responsibility of their employers to ensure they work in pleasant working conditions.

      Their Authorities should, I agree, take meaningful action


    • | John

      Cant agree with the free kicks as if you were a player and you knew that the crowd could influence the game why bother playing but I can see where you’re coming from


  2. | Leila Simms


    I know all are humans so feel the hurt, but they are professionals, love their work and there to do a job. The two situations are different.

    However, there are certain employer and employee responsibilities.
    So, their employer should deal with this situation so their employee are working within a pleasant enough working condition .

    Therefore, please Team don’t mix the two and those who love to see you play are deprived of that happiness. Remember the 7+ billion people on this planet will not all like you, that is fact.

    Get on with the job at hand, leave ‘the oppression behind’ and seek positive people around you, that will bring out the best in you

    You are good. You know it. Be the best you can be.
    Also while precious energy is taken up in cruelty by the ‘small minority’ you are using precious energy to bring happiness to millions. the two do not compare.

    Carry on regardless!


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