Taking African Combat Sports From The Village To The World

The African Warriors Fighting Championship celebrates Africa’s rich combat sports heritage and showcases African athletes competing in a range of combat sports

FIGHTING FIT: Wrestling Ife Oyenka
FIGHTING FIT: Wrestling Ife Oyenka

AFTER GROWING tired of the corporate rat race, Londoner Maxwell Kalu, decided to launch the African Warriors Fighting Championship, the first fighting organisation which showcases indigenous African combat sports.

For its first event earlier this month, the African Warriors team travelled to a secluded village in south eastern Nigeria and held a tournament for local traditional wrestling and boxing champions.

Held in the historic Nigerian traditional wrestling village of Eha Amufu, in Enugu state in south eastern Nigeria, the event featured local wrestling champions competing in an eight-man tournament for a cash prize.

Along with this, eight fighters from across Nigeria competed in Dambe, a form of boxing native to northern Nigeria, in a series of exhibition bouts.

For the African Warriors Fighting Championship, this event is just the beginning. Over the remainder of the year, the organisation will host another two events in Nigeria’s economic and cultural capital of Lagos.

The first event, targeted for September, will be a try-out event for athletes to prove their prowess to secure their inclusion in African Warriors headline event of the year: Coronation of Kings which will take place in December.

Discussing the event and launch of the African Warriors Fighting Championship, Founder and CEO, Maxwell Kalu added: “Africa is home to a countless number of combat sports which have been practised for centuries.

“Many of these are yet to be properly promoted and managed. African athletes are the biggest losers in this current state of affairs as there are limited opportunities for them to earn a living through competing in the sports they love.

Transitioning from a central London office to a remote village for our first event was certainly an adjustment, but I’m excited for the future of African Warriors.”

For more information, check out:
Facebook: African Warriors Fighting Championship
Youtube: African Warriors Fighting Championship
Instagram: @africanwarriorsfc

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