Boxing’s bang for your buck

Analysis shows that the cost of each key moment in matches is far less than other events – including the Super Bowl

THRILL FACTOR: Anthony Joshua was defeated by Andy Ruiz Jr earlier this year in one of the biggest upsets in the modern era

BOXING CAN now officially be revealed as the most exciting sport, with new research revealing the true entertainment value behind some of the world’s most popular sporting events.

Results show that the average world heavyweight title fight is more than twice as exciting for fans than a World Cup football final and is one of the best sports in terms of value for money – costing just £2.68 per key moment in each fight.

The Sports Excitement Scorecard looks at 10 selected sports and their five most recent major finals to conclusively decide which sport is really the most exciting.

The in-depth analysis compared the rate of ‘key moments’ within each final and the cost of each ‘key moment’ (based on average ticket prices for each event) to offer an ultimate Excitement Score for each.

And it’s boxing, with every ‘power punch’, jab and knock- down from Anthony Joshua’s last five title clashes counted, that emerges with the highest score. With one of those key moments happening on average every 10 seconds of a fight, fans are truly kept on the edge of their seats.

Boxing also scores highly in terms of the cost per moment. The average ticket price for Joshua’s shock defeat toAndy Ruiz Jr., was £436, but with an average of 1 key fight moments during the bout, punters were rewarded with a return of £2.67 per key moment – considerably cgeaoer than fans attending events such as the Super Bowl.


American Football, by contrast, is one of the worst-performing sports across both metrics. At £3,382 for a ticket to Super Bowl LII it is already an expensive event, but the match between LA Rams and New England Patriots was rated as one of the most boring in history.

With just 16 points scored and 34 key moments through- out, the price was a whopping £98 per key moment, making it the worst value major sporting event in recent times. With an average excitement score of just 26, boxing is officially 300 per cent more exciting than American Football, with the former boasting an excitement score of 79 over the last five major heavyweight title fights.

Football meanwhile, measured over the last five World Cup finals, is less than 50 per cent as exciting as boxing with just 75 key moments aver- aged per match (compared to 177 key moments in the ring). Basketball’s end-to-end nature means that a point is scored on average every 15 seconds, while there is an action point every eight seconds – making it the busiest event of all.

However, the overall score is slightly affected by an average ticket price of £1,334 for the NBA finals decider.


Sports Excitement Scorecard compares the last five marquee events of 10 selected sports and analyses the number of points scored, the number of action points, ticket prices and duration of the event to calculate which sport is the most exciting for fans and which provides the best return on investment.

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