Football’s winter break is nothing but confusing

VAR is not the only subject that has followers of the beautiful game talking right now

DECISION: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

WHAT BETTER time to discuss and review the action in the Premier League, than during the ‘winter break’. You know two clear weeks for the management and players to down tools, refresh and come back to challenge the demands of the last third of the season. 

Well it doesn’t quite work like that in England does it? Jurgen Klopp was so vocal in his stance about the supposed ‘winter break’ that he decided that no amount of importance on the FA Cup replay with Shrewsbury was gonna stop him and his team from having their deserved break.

Don’t worry, their U23’s staff and players took care of business on the night and they are through to the next round, where Klopp and his team can again take centre stage. I’ve got to be honest, I fully agree with Klopp’s decision and the reasoning behind it……I mean, who would create this new ‘winter break’ in England and then leave the first week as a designated FA Cup replay week? 


Stay with me because there’s more, so I contemplate how my piece would look and what route to go down. I do my research and realise that eight more teams are preparing that week for, wait for it, Premier League fixtures. What? How can that be? That’s not a ‘winter break’.

I’m not done yet! The latter part of the week, I take to social media and witness posts from a number of players in training gear preparing for week 2 fixtures of, the ‘winter break’. A break where another 12 teams have fixtures. I’m now totally confused about what this ‘winter break’ actually means. Not only for the management, staff and players but for the fans too.

By the way, Storm Ciara took care of the Manchester City – West Ham United game on the first Sunday of the, yes you’ve got it ‘winter break’ and may have to be re arranged during the back end of the ‘winter break’

I’m so confused I haven’t even summarised the Premier League to date which obviously Klopp’s Liverpool have already won. And there’s me thinking VAR was gonna be the most confusing thing brought into the league this season. Well now it definitely has competition. 

Bring on the end of the ‘winter break’.

  • Troy Townsend is the head of development at Kick It Out

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