A lowdown on the 5 most frequently imported cars in the UK

ALTHOUGH THE following statistic could be subject to change over the next few years, as things stand, 85% of the UK’s car imports come directly from the EU. This is just one of the many staggering statistics about the cars currently motoring around our roads right now – another one being that around one in seven German-made automobiles (“Vorsprung durch Technik”, etc.) are sold right here in the UK.

However, which cars over here are the most frequently imported, you may wonder? Here are the top 5, with these cars listed from the least to the most imported.

Ford Kuga

Perhaps not the most inspiring start to this list – unless you happen to need a reliable, family-friendly vehicle to hit the road with. Ford hasn’t made entire vehicles in the UK for the best part of 20 years, although many of the engines in the Kuga will have been made in the UK, before heading to the EU, and then returning inside the newly-built cars.

Mercedes A-Class

Although there have long been rumours of Mercedes starting to manufacture cars in the UK, every A-Class you currently see on the road was built elsewhere. One of the closest rivals to premium hatchbacks like the Audi A3 Sportback and BMW 1 Series, the A-Class is one of the many German cars to sell well over the English Channel.

Ford Focus

A mainstay of the British motorways, B roads and towns for decades, the trusty Ford Focus actually begins its life far away in either Mexico or, for 2019 models onwards, Germany. For a reasonable alternative that is certainly built in the UK, you might want to consider the equally trustworthy Vauxhall Astra, many of which are built in Ellesmere Port.

Volkswagen Golf

Although sales of this unmissable hatchback have never quite reached the heights of the early ’00s, when they topped 85,000, sales of the VW Golf have remained respectably high for decades. Originally made in Germany, for some time they were also manufactured in Mexico; however, from 2019 onwards, Wolfsburg has been the production site for all new Golfs.

Ford Fiesta

The legendary supermini has had many homes over the years, the UK included. The latest models originate from Cologne; however, over the many generations of Britain’s most loved imported car, Spain, Australia, Mexico, India and South Korea have all built previous generations of this versatile vehicle, which sold almost 80,000 units in 2019 alone.

With all of the vehicles above, you’ll be able to find new models at local showrooms without having to trek too far from your home. Plus, as all of the above vehicles are made for use on UK roads, you won’t need to shop around too much to find car insurance.

However, should you ever opt for buying one of these vehicles directly, as opposed to through a dealer, or shop beyond the UK shores for your dream vehicle, you’ll need to take a look at specific import car insurance before you can get that car out on the road. You must also notify HM Revenue and Customs within 14 days of your vehicle’s arrival in the country, register that vehicle with the DVLA and pay any VAT or duty that HMRC tell you to, if applicable.

This is one of the reasons why buying directly from a dealer remains the preferable choice for many – and why so many of the models above frequently sell so well. If you’re in the market for something more unusual or luxurious, though, and imported from abroad, companies like Money Beach can help you to find car insurance for vehicles imported from outside the UK.

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