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VIDEO: Estelle: ‘I’ve gone back to rapping!’

Singer reveals that she has returned to her famed musical style on her latest album
Posted: 12/08/2011 01:10 PM
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SINGER ESTELLE has “taken it back to basics” on her latest album after fans complained that the west Londoner had deviated too far from her rapping roots.

“Everyone was like, ‘she don’t rap no more,’ explained the Break My Heart singer in an exclusive interview with The Voice.

“I just got back to a point of where I was like ‘all right! People are going to hear me rap again,” she added.

The American Boy star, who became a noted rapper before gaining mainstream success with her singing career, said she had returned to her famed lyrical style on her forthcoming album, All of Me

In response to her fans complaints, the 31-year-old joked: “I was like I rapped all over [my second album] Shine, leave me alone! You just didn’t buy the damn album!”

Check out the full interview with the singer in the video below.