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VIDEO: The Voice's Editor's Forum

The community speak up at the annual gathering
Posted: 22/12/2011 04:40 PM
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THE NEEDS of Britain's black communities have become easy to ignore because not enough are using their vote to sway policy-makers, a think-tank of political and business leader has said.

Poor voter registration was cited as the single biggest challenge to black politics in the UK at the first of The Voice's Editor's Forum, held on Monday, December 5.

It brought together black politicians representing the three major parties as well as business experts at Operation Black Vote (OBV) headquarters, in Bethnal Green, east London, to discuss the current state of black politics.

Managing director George Ruddock, who chaired the meeting, said: "This is the first of a series of editors forums we are introducing. From these forums we hope to generate debate, learn from it and publish the findings so our readers can continue the debate."