Swede gets Comfortable

Assertive European R&B artist is on the rise

GROWING UP in Stockholm, Awa Santesson-Sey, like all good future popstars, loved to entertain.

Her story is about resilience, determination and raw talent.

Her debut for Columbia Records, ‘F**kin’ Love Songs’ was premiered by Julie Adengua on BEATS 1, was Yasmin Evans ‘Track of the Week‘ on 1Xtra, whilst Complex premiered the video describing her as a “mature and captivating artist holding centre stage”.

On latest releaseComfortable’, AWA gets all assertive with a flame, asking them “so what’s it gonna be, babe.. When I want something I want it”. Produced by Aalias, AWA’s confident vocals are underpinned by a 90’s R&B flavoured production which seduces with its laid back steel drums and syncopated rhythms.

Awa said: “Comfortable is one of my absolute favorite songs from the forthcoming EP. I’d just moved back to London and entered a new phase in my life. With that I also grew in feeling strong and more empowered to demand exactly what I wanted out of a relationship at the time. Feeling young and vibrant as a woman, knowing what I like and don’t like and being absolutely ok with setting the tone and tempo for whatever I got myself involved in, to keep it a 100 per cent real.

“Being OK to just enjoy life, keep it fun and lighthearted at the same time as I stayed confident in not letting anyone waste my time. I hope it can help women feel confident, sexy and strong within themselves as they embark on this journey of being young and exploring whilst setting their own rules.”

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