What is the best Valentine’s Day Slow Jam?

Liam Kenny sat down with Podcast host Savage Dan and visual artist J. King to talk through their musical choices for the most romantic day of the year

AHEAD OF their Art of Slow Jams party next Friday, presenter Savage Dan and artist J King go track for track as they look to find the ultimate banger to celebrate the day with your partner.

1) Savage Dan: My first slow jam for Valentine’s must be ‘Faith Evans – Soon as I get home‘ I’m far from perfect and was always out and about, having to go home with some kind of excuse as to where I’ve been. This tune helped me out a lot ha-ha!

J. King: If we are talking about showing affection then it’s got to be ‘Destiny’s Child – Cater 2 U’ they are talking about putting on your durag and taking off your shoes. That’s real, real Valentine’s Day love! 

J King: The devil is in the detail

2) Savage Dan – The next song is by the best boy band ever and probably my favourite track of theirs. What a better way to tell someone how you feel then with ‘Jodeci – Love U 4 life’ they sing ‘I want to love you for life because your love is why I live’. Bars!

J KING:  My second track is ‘Usher – Dot Com’ this was a banger back in the day, but I think it’s even more relevant now. We are all caught in this social media hype. This song is for the cyber lovers that are spending Valentine’s Day with their bae via the Instagram DMs. We need a 2020 version though Mr Raymond!

3) Savage Dan:  This one is for those that are lonely on the 14th, if your loved one has left the ends and moved to another area then take this one in and cry ‘Latif – Without You’. Most people forget about Latif, but he had bangers. I was the guy that loved the artists and songs that not everyone knew.

J KING: I know we are talking songs but I got to give an honourable mention to Love and Basketball, the greatest Valentine’s film of all time and with that we got that iconic sex scene where they play Maxwell – This Womans Work. Mandem, before ‘Netflix and chill’ it was ‘Love and Basketball and chill’ that film has a 95 per cent success rate.

4) Savage Dan: Sisqo – Incomplete. This song was an important one in my adolescence. If you know what I mean. I Was tempted to go with Dru Hill but Sisqo is the heartbeat of them anyway, this song is dangerous people SHE WILL FALL IN LOVE use wisely.

J KING: We can’t neglect them man that have a crush on a taken lady on Valentine’s Day either. You’ve got to shoot your shot regardless and the perfect song to do that to is Joe – All the Things. That steal a man’s girl music! Ruthless!

Savage Dan has a plan

5) SAVAGE DAN: This final song is a last resort to get in the head of the girl that you want but doesn’t want you yet. Tevin Campbell – Alone with You. Play this at moderate volume in a dimly lit room and you’ll get the W. You’re welcome. Five songs is hard though lol I will do my top 20 at The Art Of Slow jams!

J KING:  Valentine’s Day is going to have everyone deep in their feelings, regardless of who they are spending it with, the love is multiplied by 1000 that day. So my last song has got to be Jagged Edge – Let’s Get Married because if there is ever a song that’s going to make you want to tie the knot, it’s this one! So be careful who you listen to it with, trust me.

How do you rate the Choices?  Let us know what you’ll be bumping this Valentine’s Day in the comments!

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