A Vibe Called Tech

Explore the intersections of technology, race, and creative expression

EXPLORE THE role of technology as both a tool of empowerment and oppression, and reassess the relationship between technology, race, and creative endeavour in this series of workshops run by A Vibe Called Tech.

Take part in the events below, or drop in throughout the programme to get involved.

Tate Modern Workshop

Exploring identity through technology: Sadie Clayton and Ai-Da: With A Vibe Called Tech

Explore identity through a series of collaborations between an artist and an ultra-realistic AI robot. October 24–27, 2019. Free entry

Tate Modern Workshop

Chocolate and Wood: With A Vibe Called Tech

Explore a presentation highlighting the history of black and brown skin in the context of photography and film. October 24–27, 2019, 25 Oct 2019 Free entry

Tate Modern Workshop

Enclothed Cognition: With A Vibe Called Tech

Explore how we can leverage technology to create contact zones through collaboration and play. October 24, 2019. Free entry.

Tate Modern Workshop

Our Afro-Future: Rachael Young: With A Vibe Called Tech

Join artist and writer Rachael Young in a workshop celebrating the uniqueness and innovation of black culture. October 24 & 25. Free entry.

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