Play about mothers affected by knife crime tours UK

Seeds explores the issue of youth violence, motherhood and loss

ON STAGE: Judith Jacob in seeds (Photo: Wasi Daniju)

JUDITH JACOB stars alongside Penny Layden in the new UK tour of seeds, a play about two mothers unable to escape the tragedy of knife crime.

United in sorrow and unable to escape the tragedy of knife crime, seeds follows Evelyn Thomas (Jacob) and Jackie Miller (Layden) as they try to protect their sons – one in life, and one in death.

Seeds is about motherhood, loss and what is left after the worst happens. Written by Mel Pennant and directed by Anastasia Osei-Kuffour, the play seeks to tell the often unexplored stories of those who fight to keep their children safe from the world in which they grow up.

In Seeds, on Michael Thomas’ birthday, his cake sits in his mother’s living room, its candles burning undisturbed. Jackie wants to clear her conscience, while Evelyn has a big speech to deliver on the 15th anniversary of Michael’s fatal stabbing. Are some things better left unsaid? the play prompts audiences to consider.

Osei-Kuffour said: “It’s a pleasure to have such experienced actors to work with on this powerful piece. Already just days in, it’s been a joy and it’s wonderful to see their enthusiasm for the play, to feel their humility in response to my thoughts and experience their eagerness to tackle the material.”

Seeds’ UK tour is taking place amid continuing concerns over youth violence. According to figures released in October 2019, knife crime offences in England and Wales have reached a record high. Hate crimes have more than doubled over a six-year period and race hate crimes make up more than three-quarters of offences, up 11 per cent on the previous year, according to police data.

Performance dates

Seeds, a tiata fahodzi and Wrested Veil production, runs until April 11 at various locations around the country.

Click here for ticket information and to find out when it’s showing near you.

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