How Do TV Lifts Work?

TV LIFTS were initially designed to create a more comfortable working atmosphere in conference rooms, modern offices, and executive offices. As people better perceive the information visually, the role of the automated TV lift cannot be overestimated.

With such technology, a regular table can easily be turned into a multifunctional center. Imagine TV monitors majestically sliding up from the table and having your company’s logo. Visual presentations, reports, and other information presented this way will be remembered for a long time.

Nowadays, elevators for monitors can be divided into two main types:

1. Lifting mechanism allowing to install any monitor. Of the benefits: this construction is more practical, as the monitor can be replaced with any other monitor.

2. Elevator with integrated monitor. The benefits include that it is smaller in size.

Most of the TV lifts manufactured by Progressive Automations are operated through the rotary motion changed into the linear motion, both retracted and contracted.

The whole construction is a combination of the following mechanisms: a push rod, a motor, and a control device that take a little space.

The simple construction of this electric mechanism dedicated to performing the linear movement operates reliably and smoothly. Most often screws can be adjusted manually when installing this technology – this provides the chance to get the most efficient performance out of the installation.

The main task of TV lifts is to turn the conference table or your personal working corner in your house into a multi-functional working surface. Depending on the personal settings chosen, the monitors can rise from the table when being already switched on and presenting the necessary video materials.

This type of TV lifts is controlled via remote control. At the operator’s command, the lid covering the monitor compartment will automatically open, then the display will be elevated to the required level for the viewer could comfortable see what’s happening on the screen.

With the help of automated TV lifts, monitors installed in retro-style apartments will look as if they are an integral part if the interior design. Simple installing the monitor inside the vintage frame will make the TV look like the old-fashioned wall picture hanging on the wall. Now vintage stuff-lovers can fell the symbiosis of old fashioned design and the high-tech innovations.

Buying products supplied by Progressive Automations customers automatically obtain the 18-months warranty for all the goods. Dealing with this automation leviathan customers also receive all the relevant equipment for and also can get the mounting services for extremely complicated cases where the work of true specialist is required.

As the mechanisms of TV lifts allows hiding them almost everywhere, owners usually prefer placing the construction behind pieces of furniture, wardrobes, secret walls, ceilings, cabinets, chest of drawers, etc.

This automation solution allows designing personal space within different types and sizes of houses with TV monitors taking absolutely no additional space.

Drop-down TV screens, pop-up TV screens, and screens hiding behind the wall. With this linear motion technology, house owners are limited only with their own imagination. Make your modern house now with Progressive Automations solutions.


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