New on BET: Twenties

Hattie’s journey has elements that will resonate with anyone who is entering, currently in, or has overcome their twenties.

Catch Twenties on BET tonight

TWENTIES, BY Emmy Award winning writer and one of the minds behind Queen and Slim, Lena Waithe, premiers on BET in the UK tonight.

The extremely relatable and absolutely hilarious coming of age comedy centers around a screenwriter, Hattie and her girlfriends Marie and Nia as they pursue their dreams and love, while testing the limits of ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ in Los Angeles.

The show’s themes include; sexuality, race, relationships and the difficulties of being in your twenties and that’s only just the tip of the iceberg.

Twenties could be interpreted as an insight into Waithe’s experience as a queer black woman trying to make it as a writer in Hollywood.

In the first episode Hattie, after finding herself homeless and down on her luck, is fortunately introduced to IDA B., a powerful writer and producer who finds a soft spot for her, giving her the opportunity to work on Ida B.’s show, Cocoa’s Butter,as an assistant. 

New to Hollywood and stumbling from relationship to relationship, Hattie searches to find her voice as a writer and the right girl.  Marie and her husband Cjuck take in Hattie after she get’s evicted, but that proves to be only one shake up in their seemingly perfect relationship. 

At work, Marie is pitted against the only other black film executive for a promotion. Once a successful child performer, Nia is now a spirited yoga instructor who decides to get back into acting. 

While they live separate lives, the girls lean on each other for guidance as they navigate their twenties.

TWENTIES, BY Emmy Award winning writer and one of the minds behind Queen and Slim, Lena Waithe, premiers on BET tonight

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